Yoga Santa Fe

Shabad Avtar Singh

Tuesday 9 - 10:15am
Saturday 9 - 10:15am
Kundalini Yoga to:  Access Infinity
ShabadAvtar Singh:
Shabad Avtar: My name means the sound current that cuts away all ego, here to bring a new language.

I found kundalini yoga when I was 19 years old and it saved my life. I had been completely disconnected from my body and my soul through over- experimentation with drugs and an intense adrenaline junkie lifestyle. Through my journey to find purpose and certainty in life I met two lifetime yogis that had studied with Yogi Bhajan directly for over 40 years. Kirn and Guruchander showed me how kundalini is a natural and sustainable way for me to get high. Practicing this shed light on one of my deepest truths. I realized that I had to find my supreme reality from within rather than from external sources. Yoga and meditation is the practice in which I continually actualize and integrate this truth. I'm so grateful that I am now grounded and have found purpose.

In my class I offer a sense of clarity and an experience of your deepest truth.


Shabad Avtar Singh is currently not instructing any classes.