Yoga Santa Fe

Hari Raj Da Milano

Thursday 6 -7:15pm
Kundalini Yoga for: Sacred Sound Awakenings

Patrizia Da Milano/HariRaj

Out of the Abyss of our imperfections, comes joy.

Hari Raj, Patrizia Da Milano, was born and raised in Milano Italy. Art became her most fulfilling, and nurturing experience with which she connected through studies and personal practices.

Her Path of Spirituality began when she decided at the age of 21 to travel to the United States. Her life journey took many international turns and along the way moved toward healing and transformation through the Metis Medicine Way, Kundalini Yoga and the Sacred Healing Sound Of the Gong.

Hari Raj, mother of Jonathan Hans and Sarah Rossella, lives in Santa Fe with her husband Romeo. She is extremely excited to be part of this awesome community. The artistic expression and the Heart to Heart connections are the roots of all that she delivers for the Highest Potential in this Aquarian Age.

Patrizia Da Milano Mentor and Facilitator of Empowerment and Bliss


Hari Raj Da Milano instructs the following:
  • Kundalini Rising- Kirn
  • Kirn's class theme is Purest Potential

    Monday & Wednesday 6:00 - 7:15 pm

    Our focus and intention during class is to:

    Experience and learn to identify each of the chakras and 10 subtle bodies and awaken to the possibility of living "10 centricly".

    Re-channel the energy which is normally dissipated in the lower chakras to the upper chakras

    Learn to use this vital, creative, spiritual energy for the realization of your Purest Potential

    Experience more joy and kindness for yourself and interconnectedness with all ("Be the ocean in the drop" - Rumi)

    A Purest Potential class will include:

    Kundalini yoga kriyas specifically taught by Yogi Bhajan to raise the Kundalini energy

    Pranayam, Powerful Yogic Breath Work

    Naad Yoga - "live" mantra chanting

    Meditations to activate the subtle bodies

    Yoga Nidra - Harmonic Gong Bath relaxation

    Awaken to all that is possible

  • Gong Yoga Therapy

  • This Kundalini class, will be designed around the Ten Body Numerology of the day taking in consideration any planetary influences. A receptive state of awareness produced by the yoga practice, in combination with the Gongs and other instruments, will create an extended state of spontaneous meditation and therapeutic relaxation, facilitating the movement of prana (vital life energy) through the body for healing.



  • Pathway to Consciousness
  • "Seeking truth, one breath at a time"
    My aim is to gracefully introduce students into the realm of kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan.
    I've dedicated the last ten years towards cultivating my capacity to perceive, develop, and employ energetic techniques in order to manifest the truest expression of myself, my Sat Nam.
    Join me as we delve into the sanctity of our uniquely individual and deeply interconnected selves.