Yoga Santa Fe

Karam Prem

Karam Prem Singh, aka Austin Alred, LMT, teaches with compassion, insight and sensitivity. He encourages anyone and everyone, regardless of physical limitation, to develop a conscious relationship with their breath and the energetic life-force that heals the body, mind, and spirit. He believes that "yoga" is about more than just stretching and feeling good. Certified in 10-Body Numerology, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, a Licensed Massage Therapist, and an Artha for the Purest Potential team to deliver the Ultimate Life Experience.

Karam Prem instructs the following:
  • Self-Expression
  • Expressive class to discover your true self!

  • Prana: Breath of Life
  • Prana is life-force carried through the air. Every breath you take is an energetic exchange, every cell and tissue structure, as well as the body as a whole, participates in this exchange from conception to death.
    Each class contains a complete Kundalini yoga set from Yogi Bhajan's teaching, with kriya and meditation that lead to profound relaxation and self-awareness. 


  • Special Sadhana Practices
  • Each Sunday has a special focus
    1st    Prosperity
    2nd   10 Bodies
    3rd    Miracle Mantra
    4th    Aquarian Sadhana