Yoga Santa Fe

Karam Prem

Karam Prem Singh, aka Austin Alred, LMT, teaches with compassion, insight and sensitivity. He encourages anyone and everyone, regardless of physical limitation, to develop a conscious relationship with their breath and the energetic life-force that heals the body, mind, and spirit. He believes that "yoga" is about more than just stretching and feeling good. Certified in 10-Body Numerology, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, a Licensed Massage Therapist, and an Artha for the Purest Potential team to deliver the Ultimate Life Experience.

Karam Prem instructs the following:
  • Prana: Breath of Life
  • Prana is life-force carried through the air. Every breath you take is an energetic exchange, every cell and tissue structure, as well as the body as a whole, participates in this exchange from conception to death.
    Each class contains a complete Kundalini yoga set from Yogi Bhajan's teaching, with kriya and meditation that lead to profound relaxation and self-awareness. 


  • Elevate
  • This is a theme class usually taught with numerology. Maggy teaches the eastern and western science behind the practice of kundalini yoga. She is a licensed body worker and certified yoga therapist and drawing from her 20 years of experience provides demonstrations of each asana often using the props and providing variations and modifications to be used as needed by students. Maggy's credentials allow her to provide therapeutic adjustments and recommendations to students to assist their asana practice or address issues unique to the individual. Permission from the student is requested prior to any hands on work with the student. This is an excellent class for those new to kundalini practice who wish to understand the principles of alignment in asana and the science behind Yogi Bhajan's brilliant 10 body system. Maggy is available for private therapeutic yoga sessions.

  • Special Sadhana Practices
  • Each Sunday has a special focus
    1st    Prosperity
    2nd   10 Bodies
    3rd    Miracle Mantra
    4th    Aquarian Sadhana

  • Self-Expression
  • Expressive class to discover your true self!