Yoga Santa Fe and GRD Health Clinic

Helena Gian Dev Staroyannis

Giandev/Helena Staroyannis was born in Berlin, Germany and raised in
Athens, Greece.

She became a Physical Therapist in Germany and continued her training in Osteopathy, Aqua Therapy and more. Her passion is to travel the world and that's how she came to the States and to Santa Fe, NM in 2010. Here, she dedicated her time to Kundalini Yoga since 2013 and to Elderly and Hospice Care. She became a Kundalini Teacher in 2016 and is now opening her own Body- and Movement practice in Santa Fe.

With her broad knowledge of the physical and emotional body, Kundalini Yoga is a great addition to continue her path as a Teacher and Healer in
this Life.

Helena Gian Dev Staroyannis instructs the following:
  • Gong Yoga Therapy

  • This Kundalini class, will be designed around the Ten Body Numerology of the day taking in consideration any planetary influences. A receptive state of awareness produced by the yoga practice, in combination with the Gongs and other instruments, will create an extended state of spontaneous meditation and therapeutic relaxation, facilitating the movement of prana (vital life energy) through the body for healing.



  • Awareness and Rejuvenation
  •  Awareness and Rejuvenation has the focus on increasing your Body, Breath and overall Awareness and activate your natural Healing. Awareness leads automatically to Stress Relief, Relaxation and Rejuvenation. You will feel owning your Power, increasing your Energy and stay Youthful and Flexible in Life.