Yoga Santa Fe

Nov 11, 2015 Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

11 6 3
11 8

What is bliss ? To experience it, you have to define it. Today we have the opportunity to create everlasting access to bliss in unlimited quantities. So define bliss for yourself. How does it feel? When have I had it before ? Do I have the ability to convert tragedy, hardship, etc so it can serve me? Can I reach higher, appreciate the event and convert it and remember that I am not the event; I am me the light of my soul. At this moment in time facing this event can I choose to align with the wisdom of mySelf by remembering my own true identity which is the ray of light I truly am.
Every 3 hours with hands in prayer pose and hold arms up at 60 degrees. Inhale mentally vibrate Wahe, exhale vibrate Guru for 3-11 minutes focus at 3rd eye . Train yourself that no matter what happens you celebrate victory over your lower reactive self.