Yoga Santa Fe

Nov 20, 2015 Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

2     6    3
11   8

Today invoke bliss as the outcome with everyone you connect to. Sit in Easy Pose with hands in Venus lock at the heart center. For 3-11 minutes every 3 hours inhale and hold the breath to the count of 8 apply Mul Bhand, then exhale hold breath out for a count of 8. Focus deeply at the tip of the nose; on both the inhale and exhale repeat sa ta na ma wha he gu ru (8 beats). Focus on being the light of your soul, because you are not your body, not your mind, not your soul. You are the light of your soul. Hue- man being; through the light (hue) you see your radiant true self with your mind (man). Become so connected to your true identity that you experience your infinite true self on every breath.