Yoga Santa Fe

Nov 21, 2015 Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

3       6     4
11     8

Today experience the depth of the yogi's samadhi (bliss).
Sit in easy pose with hands in yogi's mudra. Breath of fire for 3 minutes and focus at the 3rd eye. Then for the next 3 minutes, sit on heels with hands on floor,mentally chant wahe on the inhale as you sit up, and guru on the exhale as you bow the forehead to the ground. Imagine you are in a roomful of realized yogis with the intention to experience the neutral mind of a yogi and the bliss of the positive mind at the navel point. Join these 2 bodies and vibrate samadhi.
Sit up and experience that space and memorize in the core of your being.