Yoga Santa Fe

31 December Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

4         6       6
3         8                              Fearless focused blissful yogi

Focus on your intention bringing positive frequencies into reality. Create the power of protection and projection as a reality. Sit in easy pose with hands at the heart center in prayer pose. Chant 'Sat' and raise the hands in prayer pose to a 60 degree angle. Chant 'Nam' and move hands to the heart center. Then chant 'Wahe' with hands up to 60 degrees chant 'Guru' with hands at the heart. Sit like a yogi, chin in, chest out and elongate your spine. Pull the navel point powerfully on each word. Do this for 11 minutes, 4 times today and focus on your intentions/prayers manifesting your new realities because you say so.


30 December Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

3      6       5
3      8                         Fearless focused teacher of bliss.

Place the hands in gian mudra at shoulder height, chant Wahe Guru with a strong navel point for 11 minutes 4 times. Pull the navel in on 'Wha', again on 'He', again on 'Gu' and again on 'Ru'. Concentrate at the 3rd eye.


29 December Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

11       6       4
3         8                          Fearless focused infinite blissful yogi

Engage your power center to expand and become an infinite yogi. Sit in easy pose, hands in prayer pose at the heart center, inhale 8 sniffs through the nose with broken breath, mentally repeat 'Wahe Guru' on each breath. Exhale out 8 sniffs with same mantra. On each sniff, move the navel point in and out forcefully. Do this for 11 minutes, 4 times today. Be aware of how your consciousness now 'colors' this day with expanded and very creative solutions and or comments to yourself and others.


28 December Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

10       6        3
3         8

Courageously radiate from your positive mind with Royal Courage. Stand: do archer pose 3 minutes per side. Then do windmills for 11 minutes, and finish with stretch pose for 3 minutes. Do this 2 times today. Affirm: "I am Bountiful, Blissful, and Beautiful, I radiate my Grace today to myself and to the world".


27 December Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

9      6      11
3      8                     Fearless focused master of infinite bliss

Create infinite calm. Four times today: Sit in easy pose, close off the right nostril with the right hand and breathe through the left nostril powerfully for 11 minutes with left hand on the knee in gian mudra. Inhale "Wahe", exhale "Guru". Affirm: I am the infinite master of calmness". Celebrate the victory of achieving this state of calm. Enjoy the bliss from a disciplined life.


26 December Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

8       6      10
3       8                    Fearless focused radiant positive mind

Bring your radiance to your positive mind. Archer pose for 3 minutes on each side then stretch pose for 3 minutes, mentally chant "WaheGuru". Pull knees to the chest rock back and forth for 1 minute. Sit in easy pose with hands in GM on the knees chant "Har" pull the navel strongly while chanting for 3 minutes. Sit for several minutes and imagine the huge positive effects you can bring to this world, pick one and plan how to make it happen for real. See many others who show up to manifest it. Do this 2 times today.


25 December Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander Singh Khalsa

7      6     9
3      8

Fearless focused blissful mastery of the feminine principle
Recreate the mastery of your feminine self. Sit in easy pose, place the hands in Yogi Mudra at the heart center. Chant: "ma". Do this 3 minutes for 4 times today and affirm: I adore the most divine nurturing female energy I can imagine. Heal the female psyche within you. Be grateful for the secure and nurturing aura you are creating today to experience the self- containment needed for the next year 2016 (gift of 7). Today is a forecast of 2016...... the inner self mastery of the female principle within, which will bring healing to the outer balance of the male/female principle.


24 December Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

6          6        8
3          8                      Fearless focused positive mind

Master the 3rd eye and the 3rd body. Sit in easy pose with hands in prayer pose at the 3rd eye level with the thumbs at the corners of the eye socket. Breath of Fire for 11 minutes with strong use of the navel point and mentally chant " I am Bountiful,blissful, and beautiful " Practice this 4 times today, after each time affirm: I am the master of my positive mind and that creates the bliss in all my experiences


22 December Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

5      6       7
3      8

Hold the blissful light for others as a mother would do for her child. Sit in easy pose and raise the arms up to 60 degrees. Long deep breathing for 3 minutes. Inhale bring thumbs together, then lower the arms to the level of the throat center and place the hands in Buddhi mudra (thumb tip touches pinky tip). Mentally chant: Wahe Guru while you inhale in four equal sniff breaths and exhale in four equal sniffs out the nose, do this for 8 minutes. (Wha He Gu Ru) Send this frequency to all people in your life, include the ones you may be in conflict with. Spread light and bliss.


21 December Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

4        6          6
3        8                          Fearless focused blissful yogi

As yogis set the intention to spread bliss to all beings. Sit in easy pose, close your eyes and imagine the earth. Place hands in a cup at the heart center, both hands side by side hands touching with pinky fingers and sides. Inhale through the nose and hold the breath, imagine peace and bliss and see the yellow color of the sun. Shine on all beings and earth structures with equal warmth. Exhale out of the mouth and spread the light to all. Long deep breathing for 11 minutes. Do this every 3 hours 4 times today. Connect to the bliss of the 3 rd body and observe the wold from the yogis viewpoint, spread light and peace with equanimity toward all beings.