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Dec 2, Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

2     6     4
3     8

Focus your laser light to blissfully look at potential problems and observe what could go wrong and then create contingency plans from the neutral mind. What? Yes, the negative mind is a great asset that few rarely learn to love. Sit in rock pose hands in Venus lock, inhale 1 breath to the count of 8, then exhale out the nose to the count of 8. Mentally chant Sa Ta Na Ma Wha He Gu Ru on the inhale and the exhale. Do this every 3 hours for 11 minutes. Spend time today actively thinking and writing down what could go wrong in your life. Example: I could get sick so I have health insurance . My home could have some disaster so I have home insurance. Continue to imagine potential situations and then take the actions to cover it. Deep relaxation will replace low grade anxiety. Feel bright and light