Yoga Santa Fe

December 5 Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander Singh Khalsa

5     6    7
3     8

Today create the steps to uplift yourself and others to a state of inner bliss. You do that when you insure that your boundaries are sacred, and after that create balanced bliss. Channel emotions first to devotion (not commotion). Sit in EP, hands in Surya mudra at the throat chakra level. Turn the head to the left and chant in a monotone voice Wha, turn the head back to the middle chant He' and then to the right chant Guru. Do this for 11 minutes, every 3 hours; focus at the tip of the nose. Pull the navel point in on each syllable. Pull on Wha then release, pull on He', and release, then on Guru and release. Experience a balanced self contained space.

Happy Sinterklaas!