Yoga Santa Fe

18 December Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

9    6     11                 Fearless focused master of infinite bliss
3    8

Find creative solutions to challenges to experience bliss. Bliss is your experience when you respond from your yogi mind, the 4th body, the sacred heart.
Intend for this kind of peace rather than your typical reactive pattern, it's not about being clever. Today, let go and allow the universe to serve the solution you need an answer or response to. This practice creates in you an attitude of gratitude, a habit for peace and harmony. Sit with legs outstretched. Tuck the right leg into the pelvis left leg outstretched. Reach down with the fingers and hold the toes of the left foot. Inhale and then exhale hold breath out for the count of 8 and apply Maha bhand.
(i.e. neck lock,diaphragm lock and root lock) continue for 5 1/2 minutes then change sides for 5 1/2 min . Do this 4 times throughout the day. Enjoy the space this creates in you. Love to embrace challenges and convert them to be victorious over your self, you can affect outside challenges by only 20 percent, but you have 100 percent control over the way you respond.