Yoga Santa Fe

21 December Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

3       6      5
3       8      

Fearless focused teacher of the positive mind.

Teach yourself and others how to live in the bliss of your positive mind. Lay on the back, inhale left leg to 90 degrees right arm comes over the head palm faces up flat on the ground.(not in pictured in image) Exhale arm and leg back down, inhale and switch sides. Repeat for 3 minutes, then do stretch pose for 3 minutes. Rest for 1 minute,then knees to chest rock back and forth for 1 minute. Sit up in easy pose with hands in the lap and thumbs touch. Imagine the best and most blissful inner state of being you can. Sit with the saints and yogis and immerse yourself in the frequency of bliss that is being generated. Do this series 4 times today. Remember in the deepest fiber of your being how to revisit the place within of the mastery of the 3 rd body, the sacred vessel of bliss.