Yoga Santa Fe

21 December Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

4        6          6
3        8                          Fearless focused blissful yogi

As yogis set the intention to spread bliss to all beings. Sit in easy pose, close your eyes and imagine the earth. Place hands in a cup at the heart center, both hands side by side hands touching with pinky fingers and sides. Inhale through the nose and hold the breath, imagine peace and bliss and see the yellow color of the sun. Shine on all beings and earth structures with equal warmth. Exhale out of the mouth and spread the light to all. Long deep breathing for 11 minutes. Do this every 3 hours 4 times today. Connect to the bliss of the 3 rd body and observe the wold from the yogis viewpoint, spread light and peace with equanimity toward all beings.