Yoga Santa Fe

31 December Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

4         6       6
3         8                              Fearless focused blissful yogi

Focus on your intention bringing positive frequencies into reality. Create the power of protection and projection as a reality. Sit in easy pose with hands at the heart center in prayer pose. Chant 'Sat' and raise the hands in prayer pose to a 60 degree angle. Chant 'Nam' and move hands to the heart center. Then chant 'Wahe' with hands up to 60 degrees chant 'Guru' with hands at the heart. Sit like a yogi, chin in, chest out and elongate your spine. Pull the navel point powerfully on each word. Do this for 11 minutes, 4 times today and focus on your intentions/prayers manifesting your new realities because you say so.