Yoga Santa Fe

3 January Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

3        7        4
1        9

A creative blissful yogi who enjoys their calm home

9 is calmness, 7 is the space of our inner home. With a secure home we experience creativity and bliss, and can then live as yogi (neutral to the daily dramas). Sit in easy pose, body drops for 2 minutes. Come into stretch pose for 2 minutes. Bring knees to the
chest, wrap the arms around the knees and rock back and forth 1 minute. Sit up in easy pose raise the arms 60 degrees fingers in thumbs out do breath of fire for 3 minutes, inhale and bring the thumbs touching apply mul bhand for 15 seconds. Bring hands to prayer pose center of the chest, do breath of fire for 3 minutes. Enjoy these tools to create your Calm Inner Home.