Yoga Santa Fe

4 January Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

4       7      5
1       9

A Yogi with a calm inner home which contains balance & creativity

Add balance and creativity in the yogi's space to our calm inner home. Sit in easy pose, hands in yogi mudra, eyes focused at the 3rd eye. Turn the head left and chant 'Wha' then in middle chant 'He' , turn right chant 'Guru' as slow as you can. Focus on being very precise with how the mouth and tongue interact. Pull the navel point in on each part of the chant. Do this 4 times today for 11 minutes. Create a new space in your inner home that holds the new skill of balance,creativity and neutrality to all drama. Enjoy this as you build a new 'home' which holds many new skills and rooms you can revisit often. Feel the security within yourself that you are now able to access.