Yoga Santa Fe

11 January Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

11       7      3
1         9

Calm inner home which contains infinity, bliss,and creativity

Today we practice a meditation taught by Yogi Bhajan in the early 70's. “Meditation: For Mastering the Eleventh Embodiment"
Easy pose with hands in gyan mudra on knees. As you say the mantra, "I am the great spirit," cross your wrists at the heart with your left hand closest to your body. The wrists should cross when you say the words “I am”. Then lower your hands and rest them on your knees. Cross your wrists at the heart again and say the mantra, "Wow, I am the great Spirit,” with the wrists crossing at “I am”. Continue to move your arms back and forth, from your heart to your knees. Repeat the 2 mantras alternately for 11 to 31 minutes.”
“Comments: Keep your mind and body focused on the mantra and feel the vibration of the mantra in the depths of your soul. Stay totally focused and confirm your true identity.”
Enjoy your new addition to your inner calm home. Be infinite,creative,and full of bliss in you house. Do this for 22 minutes once before noon and just before bed.