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14 January Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

5      7     6
1      9

Calm inner home which is focused, balanced,and creative. Meditation: From the book To Create Your Destiny
Harmonize the 5th Body
Part 1. Easy Pose with hands in venus lock on back at the base of the spine. In this sitting posture chant the mantra ‘Hum’ vibrating the sound in the back of the throat. Chant ‘Har’ and put the forehead on the ground. Focus on the inhale more then the exhale. Continue for 5-11 minutes.
Part 2. Easy Pose, hands in VL in lap. Concentrate at the third eye. Chant ‘Hari Har’ in three separate tongue movements: ‘Har-i-Har’, touch the soft palate with tip of the tongue on both the ‘Har’ sounds.
Concentrate with entire consciousness on this triple tongue movement.
Continue for 5-11 minutes.”
“Part 3. Stick tongue out, don’t let any saliva touch the tongue, and breathe through open mouth. Continue for 2 minutes.
Do this combination 2 times today. 1st meditation for 11 minutes, 2nd for 11 minutes, and 3rd for 2 minutes. Create the calm inner home and imagine you added a new room with more creativity, and extremely deep focus on always finding your balance when you return to your inner home after a long challenging day.