Yoga Santa Fe

15 January Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

6      7       7
1      9

Calm inner home nurtured by the confidence of creative intuition

Today add a room to your clam inner home to contain intuition and creative nurturing. Celebrate your new capacity to nurture yourself on a much deeper level from within.
“Meditation: To Create Your Destiny Harmonize the 6th Body"
Part 1. Easy Pose and concentrate at third eye. Hands hold on to kneecaps. Chant ‘Sat’and lean forward 60°. Keep spine straight and chant ‘Nam’ and lean backward 60°. Continue for 11 min.
Note: The spine is straight throughout and the buttocks stay stationary as the head and upper body move forward and back.
“Part 2. Easy Pose with hands together at center of the chest in Prayer Pose. Chant ‘SaaAAAaa’ on each exhale. Start with a low volume then increase the volume in the middle and then decrease the volume for the last 1/3 of the chant. Continue for 3 minutes.
Part 3. Easy Pose with hands together at the center of the chest in Prayer Pose. Chant the mantra ‘Sa’ six times in a monotone on each exhale. Continue for 3 minutes.
Do this 2 times today once morning, once evening. Declare: I nurture myself from within my new room I added to my inner calm home, and can revisit this new space whenever I choose.