Yoga Santa Fe

21 January Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

3         7         4
1         9

Calm inner home of a blissful creative yogi

Sit in easy pose and place the hands at the heart center in prayer pose. Begin to inhale in 8 sniffs mentally chanting Wa He Gu Ru 2 times. Exhale is the same 8 sniff breaths out the nose same mantra for 11 minutes. With each sniff of the breath pump the navel on both the inhale and exhale. Then lie on the back and do shoulder stand for 3 minutes, rest in corpse pose for 3 minutes. Next, come into cobra pose for 3 minutes . Do LDB in these poses and finish with 2 more minutes corpse pose. We are building rooms in our inner home, today fill up the rooms and add more creativity, bliss, and a deeper fulfilling space of I am a Yogi.