Yoga Santa Fe

27 January Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

9      7       10
1      9

Easy Pose, hands in gian mudra on knees.
Apply slight mulbhanda during entire meditation.
8 part segmented inhale and one long exhale:
On each of the 8 inhales, internally vibrate ‘Wahe’ as you connect to each of the 8 chakras and project a light around the body.
Exhale with one long deep breath and mentally vibrate ‘Guru’ and release all to infinity. Practice this meditation for 11 minutes.
This meditation heals, consoles, and washes away all negativity.
Then come in to archer pose do 5 1/2 minutes per side with LDB. Do this combination of meditation and archer pose 2 times today. Fill your inner home with deep inner calm and radiance. Meditate on the intention of life and that the end result of all yoga practice is to recognize you are not your body, mind or soul. You are the light of the soul. The hue of human being. Fill your inner home with all of the qualities of the light you are. Yogis seek full- filament . Define it in your calm inner home and experience deep reserves of all the light you can to draw from daily.