Yoga Santa Fe

28 January Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

10      7        11
1        9

Part 1. Easy Pose, concentrate at root of nose and allow for pressure to build up. Inhale in a three-part segmented breath, and mentally repeat ‘Sat Nam’ on each segment of the breath. Head remains still.
Exhale with a three-part segmented breath out.
The head turns on the exhale:”
“1/3 exhale, turn head to the left and mentally vibrate ‘Wa.’
1/3 exhale, return head straight and mentally vibrate ‘Hay.’
1/3 exhale, turn head to right and mentally vibrate ‘Guru.’
Continue for 7 minutes. At end of meditation: Feel the prana that was generated, and experience the positive energy from all planets in the universe supporting you as a being of light.
Part 2. Sit with the legs stretched out in front. Hold big toes, relax into forward bend, and relax shoulders. Focus on third eye and bathe the brain in prana and light. Maintain for 3 minutes. 3. Repeat part 1.”
“4. Easy Pose. Hands in Lotus Mudra, 6 inches in front of heart center. Sides of hands touch; relax fingers and thumbs and form a lotus flower.
Drishti (eye focus): 1/10th open and stare past the tip of the nose at the thumbs. LDB and feel hands fill with fire.”
Do number 4 for 3 minutes.
Do this set 2 times today. Fill your inner home with creativity,radiance, and infinity.