Yoga Santa Fe

31 January Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

4        7        5
1        9

Part 1: Sit in easy pose. Your eyes are closed with eyelids relaxed. Hold your hands in prayer pose at the heart center and move your palms away from each other so that only your fingertips touch. Hold this mudra at the level of your diaphragm and do not touch your body. Your breath becomes lighter and lighter as you eliminate all thoughts. There is no mantra. 11 minutes.
Part 2: Hold the same position, chanting the following mantra in a monotone with a slight pause after each phrase: “Healthy am I, Happy am I, Holy am I.” Repeat this for 11 minutes.
Inhale and focus at the third eye. Listen silently to the mantra for 20 seconds. Repeat this 2 more times, then inhale, raise your hands above your head and shake your hands vigorously, so that your whole body shakes. Continue for 1 minute,”
Enjoy the space of a yogi, as you fill your inner home with creativity and balance