Yoga Santa Fe

2 February Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

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2016 is our year to create a calm inner home

Sit in easy pose with hands in Venus lock. Focus at the tip of the nose, eyes 1/10th open. Inhale in 8 broken breaths through the nose and exhale out the nose in 8 parts mentally repeating Wa He Gu Ru Wa He Gu Ru. Pump the nave lightly on each syllable both inhale and exhale for 11 minutes. Immediately sit with yogi's mudra in front of the heart center. Breathe LDB for 11 minutes focused at the tip of the nose. Repeat this sequence 2 times today. Add to your inner home the feeing and knowledge of being deeply connected to the light of your soul and the fact that you are a Yogi living beyond the polarities of life's events. You respond to events as a Yogi , you do not react and if you do have a good laugh. You are building a beautiful new home with wonderful rooms you get to hang out in whenever you want.