Yoga Santa Fe

3 February Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

3     7      5
2     9

Calm, balanced inner home with a deep sense of connectedness and bliss.

7 is your inner home, 9 is calm. 5 is balance, 2 is being connected and 3 is to master the bliss in life . Several times per month this pattern repeats, as the numbers will be the same except for the day number. Today is a 3, and on the 12th, 21st, and 30th we have the opportunity to master our bliss.
Easy Pose with hands resting on the knees. Bring entire energy and consciousness to the third center at the navel point.
Silently vibrate ‘Sa Ta Na Ma’ in Kirtan Kriya style moving the fingers for 11 minutes. Continue to chant out loud for another 5 minutes. Inhale, stretch the spine up and relax and project out of the body. Imagine going into the universe, keep imagining going out of the body for 5 -11minutes. Inhale and relax.
Do this 2 times today imagine the color yellow of the sun, and create the perfect amount of heat to digest and create you blissful inner home