Yoga Santa Fe

8 February Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

8        7       10
2        9

Calm (9) inner home (7) and the courageous (8) connection (2) to your higher self gives you grace (10)

Part 1: Sit in easy pose and spread your arms wide to your sides with palms facing forward. Spread your fingers wide apart and keep tension in your fingers. Hold this posture with LDB for 2 minutes. Part 2: Sit in easy pose with your hands on your knees and very slowly bring your hands 4 inches apart at the heart level, palms facing each other, fingers pointing up. Pay attention to the energy in between your palms as you hold your palms still. Long deep breathing for 2 minutes with your eyes focused at the third eye. Part 3: Sit in easy pose with your palms together at the heart center, keeping tension in your palms and fingers. Sit straight. Do logn deep breathing for 2 minutes. Part 4: Remain in the same posture and bend forward. Touch your forehead to the ground in front of you. Relax in this position with long deep breathing. Create a deep state of fearlessness. Continue for 2 minutes. Inhale deeply, then exhale and sit up in easy pose. Part 5: Kirtan Kriya: chant “Sa” and touch the tips of your index fingers to the tips of your thumbs, chant “Ta” and touch the tips of your middle fingers to your thumbs, chant “Na” and touch the tips of your ring fingers to your thumbs, then chant “Ma” and touch the tips of your pinkies to your thumbs. Continue for 3 minutes. This takes 11 minutes , do this 2 times in the morning and 2 later in the day. Add courage (8) to your calm (9) inner home (7) from your deeply connected (2) self with grace and radiance (10) exude through your presence today.