Yoga Santa Fe

24 February Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

6    7    8
2    9

Calm(9) inner home (7) where courage (8) connectedness (2) and intuition (6) are plentiful

Sit in easy pose with your hands on your knees in Surya Mudra (thumb and ring finger touch on each hand). Focus your eyes on the tip of your nose. Inhale in a 4-part segmented breath (one inhale broken into 4 “sniffs”):
• On the first sniff turn your head over the left shoulder”
• On the second sniff turn your head over the right shoulder
• On third sniff turn back over the left shoulder
• On the fourth sniff turn over to the right shoulder
On the exhale, return the head to the center, then chant “Wahe Guru” 8 times. Begin again the 4-part segmented inhale while turning your head as described above and again chanting “Wahe Guru” on the exhale in the center. Continue for 11 minutes. To end: inhale, hold the breath and feel the arcline, between your ears across your forehead, integrating heaven and earth. Feel the arcline to be “I am, I am.” Dwell in your complete radiance and energy. This can be practiced for 31 minutes, 62 minutes, and up to 2 1⁄2 hours. The effects of this meditation give complete mental mastery as the meditation connects your individual arcline with the Cosmic arcline. From this connection, the entire universe attunes to your Higher Self, and your Higher Self attunes to the entire universe. Enjoy adding a more intuitive (6) self to your courageous (8) calm (9) inner home (7) where deep connectedness(2) to your higher self fills your home