Yoga Santa Fe

25 February Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

7     7     9
2     9

Calm (9) inner home (7) where you can experience the deep inner connection (2) to your own inner light
Today we reinforce the aura (7) which creates our inner home (7).

Sit in easy pose and focus at the third eye. Extend your right arm out in front of you at a 60o angle, palm facing down. Your left arm is extended behind you at 60° with the palm facing up as well. Chant "Ong" and close your fingers into your palms, then chant "Sohung" as you open your fingers up. Continue for 1 minute. Reverse the arm position with your left arm in front and your right arm back. Continue for 1 minute.  Repeat reversing the arm position and continuing the open/ close movement for 1 minute 4 additional times. To end: relax your hands on your knees in GM. Inhale with your chin in and chest out; roll your eyes up internally, looking at the third eye, and imagine you are completely self-contained and balanced within your strong aura.This meditation takes 6 minutes total. Do this whenever you feel scattered; it will balance and contain you. For mastering the aura, practice this twice per day. A strong aura provides containment, which creates a sanctuary for you and others.
Enjoy reinforcing the outer structure (7 aura) which protects your inner home and provides you with calmness (9) and connection to (2) true self.