Yoga Santa Fe

2 March Ten Body Numerology by Guruchander

2     7     5
3     9

Calm (9) inner home (7) of a balanced (5) blissfully (3) connected (2) yogi.

We practice kundalini yoga to connect to the sacred space which is created by the planetary alignments of light. When you master the 5 aspects of the10 bodies then the day flows in your favor. When some of those bodies are in a contracted state, you have a day of conflicts which can cause dis-ease. A yogi's intention is liberation from the cycle of reaction to events.The daily numerology formula illuminates the most likely bodies which will be a challenge. Over time we have seen that practicing yoga sets and and meditations gives us the capacity to master our neutrality. When we do find ourselves in reaction mode and experience dis- ease then we can return to our center with remembering the sacred spaces we have experienced in yoga. You practice yoga daily to choose how you respond to events. So I qualify my readiness to the challenges of the day. Am I calm (9)? Am I secure (7) in my inner home (self)? Do I feel balanced? Do I feel connected (2) to my higher self? Have I chosen to command my self to arrange my inner response to the events of the day by putting bliss (3) as my response internally as how I handled the challenges of my day?
Sit on heels, hands on thighs, inhale flex the spine forward, exhale flex the spine backwards. Keep the head level. Practice camel ride for 11 minutes twice today.