Yoga Santa Fe

4 March Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

4       7      7
3       9

Calm (9) inner home full of security (7) where a blissful (3) yogi (4) lives

I (you) command of my self through prayer to my calm higher self (9) and I command and certify through my asana that my aura totally keeps me self contained (7) and secure. As a yogi I respond with my consciousness versus reacting to events (4). I program my response to events with gratefulness, which gives me a home full of blissful (3) responses from my sacred inner bliss (3) . This is my gift to myself today and it overrides my old habits.
Review all 10 bodies and choose to focus on the words which trigger a response as that is the body to focus on today:
I am infinitely creative (1), connected (2) to my infinite self, blissful (3), yogi (4), I am a balanced teacher (5), with infinite intuition (6), I am self- contained , secure (7), courageous (8), I am a calm Master of myself (9), and I am in charge of how bright I allow my Radiance (10) to shine. I am the master of the entire physical realm from my sacred space of infinity (11th embodiment).
I am creative, connected, blissful yogi, who is a teacher, intuitive, self-contained, courageous, and I am the master of my own radiance unto infinity. The age of Aquarius is offering you a millennium chance to drop the limitations of the last 2,000 years and step into your infinite self. Steadily leap.

Inhale arms out to sides, exhale hands in prayer pose at the heart. Inhale potential, release old habits. 11 minutes