Yoga Santa Fe

5 March Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

5      7     8
3      9

Calm(9) inner house of security (7) full of courage (8) balance (5) and bliss (3)

Every day of this year 2016 we have the opportunity to create our calm, secure, inner house. Today we focus on balance (5) and bliss (3). During a 3 month, we convert karma to dharma and this translates as harmonious interactions with others. A 5 day lets you create inner ease with your soul, ease with your self internally. Fulfillment comes from the deep enjoyment of courage (8) today.
Sit in EP with GM on the knees . Chant Har, Haray, Haree for 11 minutes 2 times today. Pull the navel point when you chant Har, release then pull on Haray, and release, pull on Haree and release. Sit, enjoy and integrate " I am calm, secure, balanced, blissful, and courageous " qualify yourself and celebrate that in the age of Aquarius YOU get to declare who it is that you are!