Yoga Santa Fe

27 March Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

9     7    3
3     9

Calm (9), secure (7) inner home of security (7) which projects bliss (3)

Each and every day of 2016 according to this system of numerology, we have the potential for a calm (9) and secure (7) inner home. Breathe through the left nostril to create calmness (9) for 3 minutes. To feel secure, raise the arms up to 60 degrees thumbs out fingers tucked in to the palms.
Today for external Ease we master calmness (9). Because the 9 is made up of (2+7 ) we do spine flex in rock pose (2) for 3 minutes and repeat arms 60 degrees BOF (7) for 3 more minutes to make sure we can manifest our calmness (9). Throughout the day extra care to breathe through the left nostril (avoid stimulants today ). Do stretch pose for 3 minutes ( 3). Sit in EP hands at the navel point . Hands touch at the sides forming a cup (in the Numerology for Self Mastery book 3rd body meditation) Chant 'Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad Sat Gur Prasad Ek Ong Kar' for 11 minutes. Repeat this combination 2 times today.

Celebrate , “I am a Calm, Secure, and Blissful being of light, Now” .