Yoga Santa Fe

30 March Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

3    7    6
3    9

A deeply focused intuitive person (6) connected to a Calm (9), secure (7) inner home full of blissful (3) sacred memories of events because they chose to view events as gifts to themselves.

Today we focus at the (6) body to insure our strong intuition. We stimulate or remain conscious of the aura (7) for inner security, and direct our psyche to remain Calm (9). As events unfold, stop when necessary and ask yourself: "Am I programming each event as a blessing so I remember how well I did that so I can fill my inner home with the sacred space of bliss?"
As we learn to master the 10 bodies, we continue to release the old Piscean polarized patterns of reactivity to events. The goal to live as a liberated yogi (jiwan mukht) requires Aquarian awareness to fill our home with the qualities of a liberated yogi. Let your yoga practices re-decorate your inner home.
Do stretch pose for 3 minutes to balance the 3rd body. Sit up in EP and place the hands at the 3rd eye (6) and put them in prayer pose with the thumbs in the eye socket corners and chant "Ong" for as long as you can continue for 11 minutes. Repeat this sequence 2 times today.

Celebrate by affirming “ I am a Calm (9), Secure(7), Blissful (3), and Intuitive(6) being of light , Now”.