Yoga Santa Fe

31 March Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

4     7    7
3     9

A Blissful (3) Yogi (4) enjoying a Calm (9) Blissful (3) and Secure (7), inner home

Today we energize our 3rd body to create external Ease. Do Stretch pose for 3 minutes. To create internal Ease we master the (4) body, (the difference from March 4, March 13 and March 22 is that today we energize the (4) by giving special emphasis to the (3rd) and (1st Bodies).Sit in EP do body drops (1) for 3 minutes. Now continue in EP and bring the hands out to the sides of your body at heart level, palms face forward on the inhale. On the exhale bring the hands to 4 inches apart palms face each other at the heart center . Continue moving the hands in and out for 5 1/2 minutes. Then sit in EP and place palms together at the heart center and Chant “Har, Haray, Haree” for 5 1⁄2 minutes. Consolidate the energy at the heart center (prayer pose tunes up all 10 bodies). Do this sequence 2 times today.

Celebrate and affirm: “I am a Calm (9), Secure (7), Blissful(3), Connected (2),Yogi now and forever “.

Each and every day of 2016 according to this system of numerology, we have the potential for a calm (9) and secure (7) inner home. Breathe through the left nostril to create calmness (9) for 3 minutes. To feel secure, raise the arms up to 60 degrees thumbs out fingers tucked in to the palms BOF for 3 minutes.