Yoga Santa Fe

13 April Ten Body Numerology


4 7 8
4 9
Calm (9), Secure (7) inner home full of courage (8) where the yogi (4) dwells.

The 13 in numerology ends up being a 4. To master the day we also work to master the (1+3). Sit in EP do spine flex (1) for 3 minutes. Then come into stretch pose (3) for 3 minutes. Sit in EP hands in prayer pose, inhale in 8 parts (8) sniff's through the nose exhale 8 parts sniff's out the nose. Mentally repeat Sat Nam on each sniff, both inhale and exhale. Focus at the 3rd eye for 11 minutes (9). Repeat the sequence 2 times today.

Celebrate your state of Calm (9), Secure (7), Courage (8), and yogic ability. Were you able to be a charming yogi full of courage today? Even if just a little, and did you congratulate yourself, or did you see it at failure? Claim even the smallest changes as big victories over old habits.