Yoga Santa Fe and GRD Health Clinic

16 April Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

7    7    11
4    9

Calm (9), Secure (7)) inner home where the infinite (11) yogi (4) resides

The (7) in the soul number position, the 1st 7 in the formula comes from (1+6) so we sit in EP and do spine flex (1) for 3 minutes. Then sit in EP with hands in Ganesh mudra (6) and do BOF for 3 minutes. Sit in EP, inhale raise hands in prayer pose to 60 degrees (11) chant Sat Nam , bring hands to heart center (4) chant Wahe Guru. Do this for 11 minutes. Repeat the sequence 2 times today.

Celebrate your identity is infinity (11) by directing your Self to live as a yogi (4) who is Calm (9) and Secure (7) within their inner home.