Yoga Santa Fe

29 April Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

11    7     6
4      9

Calm (9) inner home (7) of a yogi (4) in deep meditation (6) who touches their own infinity (11)

Each day in 2016, according to this system of numerology, we have the opportunity to create a Calm (9) and Secure (7)inner home. Breathe through the left nostril to create Calm (9) for 3 minutes. Raise the arms up to 60 degrees thumbs out, fingers tucked into the palms with BOF for 3 min. to create a strong aura so you can feel Secure (7).

Since the (11) comes from (2+9) and the calm (9) has been practiced, sit in RP (2) and do spine flex for 3 minutes. Sit in EP hands in yogi mudra (4) BOF 3 minutes. Sit in Sphinx pose , focus at the 3rd eye (6) as you inhale mentally chant Sat , then lower the head to the ground chant Nam (11). Whoever you bow you are blessed and infinity (11) will serve you. Do this for 11 minutes.

Celebrate your inner home filled with Calm (9) Security (7) Intuition (6) Infinite (11) Yogic (4) consciousness.