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3 May Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

3    7    8
5    9

Calm (9, Secure (7)) inner home where you live in balance (5) bliss (3) and with courage (8)

Each day in 2016, according to this system of numerology, we have the opportunity to create a Calm (9) and Secure (7)inner home. Breathe through the left nostril to create Calm (9) for 3 minutes. Raise the arms up to 60 degrees thumbs out, fingers tucked into the palms with BOF for 3 min. to create a strong aura so you can feel Secure (7)

Come into stretch pose (3) for 3 minutes. Then sit in EP with arms out to the side hands next to shoulder in Buddhi mudra (5) and do BOF (8) for 11 minutes . Repeat the entire sequence 2 times today. Celebrate that you have learned to create the space of Calm (9) , Secure (7) , Balance (5) , Courage (8) , and Bliss (3) for yourself.

Each day we can harmonize our 10 bodies. We ultimately become qualified as Creative (1), Connected (2) , Blissful (3) , Yogi s(4), Balanced (5), Intuitive (6), Secure (7), Courageous (8), Calm (9), and Radiant (10) unto Infinity (11). We hope you enjoy the daily, monthly , and yearly journey . May your life be fulfilled by You as happiness is your birthright and may your share that with all and create a world where everyone can manifest their potential.