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7 May Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

7 7 3
5 9

Celebrate your Calm (9) Secure (7) space within as Balanced (5) Bliss.

Today, align your soul with the energy of the 7th body: security, clear boundaries, universal mother energy
The numerology for the month (5) allows you to change your karmic patterns to Dharmic patterns (aligned with your soul): as expressed through your 5th body: internal balance, teacher, listening.

Sit in EP, turn the head left say 'Sat' turn to the middle say 'Nam', then to the right say 'Wahe' turn head back to the middle say 'Guru' (5) with hands in Buddhi mudra for 11 minutes while staring at the 3rd eye
To feel spiritually fulfilled today harmonize the 3rd body: Lie on your back. Lift left leg on the inhale to ninety degrees and then lower the left leg back to the ground on the exhale (3). Then do the opposite leg. Continue for 5 1/2 minutes.

To harmonize the deeper, constant energy for this year: The universe's gift is to be Secure (7) and to access your capacity to be Calm (9). Breathe through the left nostril (9) for 3 minutes. Raise the arms up to 60 degrees thumbs out, fingers tucked into the palms with BOF for 3 min. to create a strong aura (7).
Repeat the entire sequence 2 times today.

Calm (9), Secure (7) inner home where balanced bliss (3) is taught (5)

Each day we are working on Mastering our 10 bodies. We ultimately become qualified as Creative (1) , Connected (2) , Blissful (3) , Yogi (4) , who is Balanced (5) , Intuitive (6) , Secure (7) , Courageous (8) , Calm (9) , and Radiant (10) unto Infinity (11).