Yoga Santa Fe

29 May Ten Body Numerology with Guruchander

11  7    5
5    9

Sit in rock pose, hands on the floor in front of you. In the upright position chant 'Wha', half way down chant 'Hay", and when the forehead touches the ground chant 'Guru'. Do this for 22 minutes.

To harmonize the 2 deeper, constant energies for this year: To feel Secure (7) and to increase your capacity for Calmness (9). Breathe through the left nostril (9) for 3 minutes. Raise the arms up to 60 degrees thumbs out, fingers tucked into the palms with BOF for 3 min. to create a strong aura (7), which makes you to feel Secure (7). Repeat all exercises 2 times today.

Calm(9) secure (7) teacher (5) of infinity (11)