Kundalini Yoga Training Programs at Purest Potential

So you have fallen in love with Kundalini yoga and you want to deepen and share the practice

We offer a 9 month Practitioner Program and courses for Consultant training, read on......

Purest Potential Practitioner Program and KRI Certification in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan 220 hour program

For nine weekends over nine months, learn how to function as an aware, conscious human being, a being of light. Learn how to maintain the glands and nervous system so they function at an optimal level. How to check daily for the inner balance of elimination, absorption, rest and activity. Have an experiential understanding of the interrelationships of the 10 aspects of the psyche. This training will give you a vastly expanded experience of yourself - an experience of "I am , I am "

We live in a congested environment, in a world which emphasizes drugs, obsession with short-term crisis and dramas, and which ignores the inner dimensions of a person. This orientation has created a world of great suffering. When under pressure we revert back to our stories, our unresolved karmic patterns and this prevents us from observing possibilities and moving forward in life. In Kundalini yoga we have the technical know-how to direct our experience on both an individual and community basis. We learn how to manifest our power of choice and live as sovereign, interdependent yogis.

The first student is yourself, illuminate your consciousness, awaken your awareness. Then you can help. You can serve. You can contribute. 

Teacher Training is about technology—the technology of personal transformation: How to achieve strength, clarity and grace. It is systematic, comprehensive, and complete.
Sat Nam!

Because we want to support you in taking this life transforming journey with us we offer these different payment options:

Early bird special: 10% off the early registration price when paid in full by August 22: $2995 – 10% = $2696 PLUS a free ten class yoga pass

Early registration: $2995 when paid in full by September 5

4 payment plan: $3095.00 Payment of $1000 by September 5, then 4 credit card auto payments of $525.00 October, November, December, January

8 payment plan: $3195.00 Payment of $1000 by September 5th, then 8 monthly credit card auto payments of $275.00

10% discount for full time students and seniors apply to payment plans

Purest Potential Consultant and KRI Teacher Training Programs (level 2)

These programs focus on Transformation, and are open to graduates from the  the 9 month practitioner/teacher training program 
There are five Level 2 courses.and each year, Yoga Santa Fe offers one of the courses.

Develop the inner growth and personal discipline of a truly excellent teacher
300-hour certification program consists of five, 62-hour modules
Fulfill the Yoga Alliance RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) 500-hour requirement.
Cultivates the yogic capacities of intuition, neutrality and self-assessment 

• Conscious Communication – Uplift and penetrate through the power of the word.
• Mind and Meditation – Conquer the mind and conquer the world.
• Authentic Relationships – Unfold your true identity in the matrix of conscious
• Life Cycles and Life Styles – Discover mystery and mastery through every cycle of life.
• Vitality and Stress – Cultivate the caliber to guide yourself and others through life’s

Transformation Overview:

Understanding & Applying Yourself to Level 2 Teacher Training
By Shiv Charan Singh, Portugal

Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is a conscious investment in a proactive, self-initiated transition into an identity upgrade - towards self-realization and liberation from the karmic cycle of death and rebirth.

It is a personal transformation of you as a being – understanding and accepting yourself, and being more you If you can keep a journal of self-reflection, it will give you more clarity as a mirror of your process.

It is a professional transformation of your relationship to yourself and your identity as a teacher, to be more conscious, responsible and responsive. It is a transformation of your relationship to the teachings, the Golden Chain, your soul and to the students and community that you serve and teach in; deepening your commitment.

It is an opportunity to go much deeper into understanding the teachings and the inner working of kriyas, meditations and Yogic life-style and philosophy in general.

I am/Personal
You are in a process in Level 2, and the personal gets deeper (individuation and crystallisation of the I am) while the impersonal (Thou) gets vaster.  During the modules you will be shifting between personal insights and experiences and a higher impersonal understanding of the teachings.   To grow, you stand on two-way bridge between the personal and the impersonal. 

Changing your story/Narrative
  • Changing your angle; your minds view; upgrading your values.
  • Changing your picture (your windshield) so you can see the big picture.
Like everyone you have your own story (live in your own movie). It is your own construct based on your perception and interpretation of experiences and apparent facts. Your story then becomes your patterns and the window through which all your future encounters, events, experiences, etc. will be filtered. Your past story has a big influence on your future story. Your story is not reality, and therefore it can be deconstructed and changed; rewritten. If you want your life to be experienced differently, then one of the biggest things you need to do is change your story, both past, present and future. Do not be of the illusion you can live without story. The trick is tell, and live, your story in such a way that it will eventually serve your liberation from stories.

Story Defines Identity
We are actors in each other's movies; consciously and by agreement or otherwise.
When we change the story, then we are also changing our sense of identity.

Hence the Teacher's oath, the definition of a Yogi, and countless other affirmations and mantras. Experience is our teacher, but do we understand what our experience is teaching us? Redefining your identity gives space for new understanding of your experience.  The teachings are to guide you to your inner teacher.  

It is a Teacher Training:  Aquarian age is the age of the teacher
Ask yourself often - ''What does all this mean for me as a Teacher of KY as taught by YB?''
 What is it about the changing times that make these teachings relevant?

Confronting and dealing with a Major Inner Conflict/Obstacle
All through the Level 2 trainings there will be indications, or mention, of a non-real entity that hides in the shadows of your psyche and which is the cause of much sabotage in your life.   It is sometimes known as the stress monster, hidden self, pain body, karmic baby, or reactive personality.  It is a constructed identity made from the sum total of un-cleared, inner, reactive patterns.  It comes as part of the package of incarnation in the body.  Therefore it has its home in your cellular and organic bodily existence, which is also the domain of the subconscious and the negative mind.

By entering Level 2 training you are committing to retrieve  the treasures this hidden self of yours may guard, as well as pulling it out of you, or at least put it to sleep for the rest of your life, so it does not bother you or migrate with you into a new incarnation. 

From Karma to Dharma
Throughout the Level 2 modules there will be a sense of moving out of historical and karmic patterns that you are enslaved by and into a life of dharma and self-discipline that serves your soul towards the highest consciousness. In other words, Level 2 helps you to cultivate soul-promoting habits in place of soul-demoting habits.  This is also part of changing your story (mentioned above). Here is a chart that expresses this transition:

                        FROM                                      TO        
                        Tragedy                                    Triumph 
                        Victim                                       Volunteer 
                        Past - program                         Future – intuitive
                        Blame/ shame (complain)         Responsibility              
                        Personal claim                         Praise of the Divine (Gratitude)
                        Reactive                                   Responsive 
                        Emotion                                   Devotion
                        Earthly contract                       Sacred/heavenly contract
                        Finite games                            The infinite game
                        Piar                                          Prem

Moving from habits that we serve to habits that serve us
In addition to right understanding, applied intelligence and informed intuition, you will work with and through the language of the physical body in which you have incarnated and its dis/harmony with the earth and its natural laws.  The language of the body is simple and the balance depends on:

Avoiding: Too much, too little or the wrong kind of:

Sleep/rest; hygiene; sex; exercise; food/diet; dress

Nature is not compassionate -- it is a hard teacher; but if we obey its laws then it serves us well.

The 3 Minds
Another theme for your personal development through all of the Level 2 Trainings is your understanding and mastery of the 3 personal minds. They correspond to several other expressions of 3 which you will be hearing through the training. Here is a chart which illustrates these correlations.

3 psyches, 3 truths, 3 personalities, 3 gunas, 3 doshas:

Animal,                                     Human                                                 Angel
Individual,                                Community,                                          Universal
Tamasic                                   Rajasic                                                  Sattvic
Kapha                                      Pitta                                                      Vatta
Fantasy personality                  Working personality                              Elementary personality
Inner Psyche                            Environmental psyche                           Cosmic psyche of Totality
Personal truth                          Contextual/circumstantial truth            Universal Truth           
Clean the Negative mind          Train the Positive mind to work for        Awakening Neutral mind
Reactive love                            Active love                                             Absolute love
Attachment                              Passion                                                  Intimacy
Differences attract                   Similarities attract                                 Symmetry attracts
Avoidance strategies                Attack strategies                                   Respond/relay
Detached                                 Attached                                                Non-attached

Neutral mind is consciousness
As a result of a new relationship to your 3 personal and functional minds, you will discover, or further explore, the link between Neutral mind and Consciousness,your heart, love, choice, community and seva.  This implies that you take full responsibility for your life, your experience and your destiny. 

Calling on the Higher
The objectives include moving into Conscious Communication, Authenticity in Relationships, a Lifestyle that carries the Spirit through its cycles, from Stress to Vitality, and bringing our Meditative Mind to serve the Conscious Soul.  Towards these aims we need to go through a process (a practice and experience). However we do not always know what our experience is teaching us, and tend to remain behind the times by getting stuck in our stories and repeating old patterns. 

Therefore, to be ahead of the times, we also need intervention of various kinds, and the connection to and from higher self and the higher emotions (sensitivities)  We work to harvest the virtues coming from higher Spiritual Bodies:  6th, 7th, 8th, 9thand 10th Bodies:

6th Body: intuition, grace and presence. Transforming the fear.                                                                                                                    

7th Body: kindness, mercy and forgiveness                                                                                                                                                                

8th Body: compassion and purity. Acknowledging the need of a mirror for the spirit within.                                                                          

9th Body: Mastery from the higher self - the Subtle body
            Reflected in a spiritual reference of reverence; ('The altar is the alternative')
            Guiding principles .  Revelation.          
            Tolerance, patience, peace, endurance, resilience, stamina.                                                                                                  

10th Body: Calling on the courage (different from pressure of trying to be courageous)

Purest Potential Master Coach  (level 3)

I. Spiritual Maturity: To develop an authentic fully integrated presence as Teacher,
achieved through self-reflection, spiritual lifestyle practices and peer dialogue support.

II. Meditative Mind: To cultivate and refine one’s meditative mind, as achieved through
focused application of specific Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditation practices
individually and in intensive group practices.

III. Selfless Service/Seva: To develop an ongoing attitude of Sewa/Selfless Service. To align individual passion, purpose and destiny to participate in conscious community.

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