Purest Potential Yogic Numerology


What is Numerology?

Our numerology system is based on the premise that we are destined for greatness, and that the key to understanding that, is encoded in your birthdate.  Once you learn to calculate your numerology, these numbers give you insight into you karmic lessons, how to manifest inner peace, the gifts you need to  manifest, your destiny, and how to bring this all forth.

Your Ten Bodies

First Body
Soul Body – ​
First Chakra (Root, Base of Spine)
Creator, ​
Humility, Heart Over Head

Second Body​
Negative/Protective Mind​
Second Chakra (Sacrum)​
Longing to Belong
Containment, Obedience, Connectedness

Third Body​
Positive/Projective Mind​
Third Chakra (Navel Point)​
Devil or Divine
Positivity, Equality, Thy Will is My Will

Fourth Body​
Neutral Mind​
Fourth Chakra (Heart Center)​
Cup of Prayer
Compassion, Integration, Service

Fifth Body​
Physical Body​
Fifth Chakra (Throat)​
Teacher, Balance”​
Balance, Sacrifice, Teaching

Sixth Body​
Arc Line​
Sixth Chakra (Third Eye)​
Person at Prayer​
Protection, Projection, Justice

Seventh Body​
The Aura​
Seventh Chakra (Tenth Gate)​
Platform of Elevation​
Security, Love, Mercy

Eighth Body​
Pranic Body​
Finite to Infinity
Energy, Fearlessness, Self Initiation

Ninth Body​
Subtle Body​
Mastery or Mystery
Subtlety, Calmness, Mastery

Tenth Body​
One Plus Body​
Radiant Body​
All or Nothing
Royal Courage, Nobility, Radiance

Eleventh Body​
Command Center​
Command Center, Completion, Flexibility


These 10 Bodies are your God-given powerful capacities as a human being. They allow you to be joyfully creative, obedient to your higher consciousness, and to see Spirit in everyone. They let you evaluate the input of your mind to reach a compassionate, neutral place, and they enable you to create sacredness, and to live in balance. Awareness of the Ten Bodies lets you live life as a radiant, self-initiated, limitless Being.

Each body has specific gifts that it gives you when it is strong, and certain deficits that will surface when it is weak. The thing to remember is this: you can always strengthen any of your bodies. Once you become aware of the weakness in yourself, identify which body it corresponds to and commit to the yogic practice that strengthens that body. It is very simple and direct. The Yogic Practices we will recommend throughout this site will bring you many suggestions as to what you can do to balance and strengthen each body.

Come from head, Circular arguments with self, Use logic too much Feeling stuck, Uncreative, Greedy, Feeling as if you don’t belong to earth, Anal compulsive, Dull, Tendency towards perversion
Heart over head, Connection to inner Infinity, Lead with your heart, Humility, Can be creative on demand, Bring ideas into reality, Feeling grounded, Strong foundation

Self destructive, Overly influenced by others, Not contained in own center, Blind to dangers of a situation, Vulnerable in relationships, Easy to manipulate, Relationships focused too much on sexual connection, Get taken advantage of in business, Avoiding relationships, Sexual repression, Excess sexual fantasies, Fear of abandonment, Eating disorders, Being unfaithful, Lust, Disconnection from true self, Can not connect to self or others, Commotion

Longing to belong, Obedience, Connection to spiritual teachings, Accuracy in calculating the danger Connection to spiritual path, Devotion, Listen and obey inner voice, Healthy sexuality and sensuality Pleasure, Being faithful to one’s partner, Passion

Anger , Overwhelmed by input from negative mind, Depressed, Negative self talk, Distrust own power, Weak navel point (nabhi), Passive, Lethargic, Intolerant’, Hesitant to use own power/heat Afraid of abusing power, Passive aggressive, Self defeatist, Putting self down, Despair, Domineering Controlling, Authoritarian, Abusive, Unable to confront, Poor digestion

Devil or divine, Positivity, Equality, Thy will is my will, Bliss, Good digestion, See positive essence in all situations, Strong will, Use your power easily and humbly, Playful, Cheerful, Good sense of humor Ability to overlook other’s shortcomings, Optimistic, Ability to see the light and goodness in life Strong and direct communication, Comfortable using own power, Dedicate your life to being a bright light, Powerful, Sharing hope with all, See the light in all and serve consciousness of all, Assertiveness Confidence, Willful, Stamina, Strong self esteem

Hard time making decisions, Hard time being neutral, Opinionated, Argumentative, Grief, Wavering mind, Feeling victimized, Caught in the polarity drama of life, Inability to receive, Easily hurt, Co-dependent, Overly sensitive, Attachment, Betrayer, Judgmental, Sadness

Cup of prayer, Attitude of gratitude, Compassion, Integration, Service, Elevate input of negative and positive minds, Receives guidance within 9 seconds, Serve other from a place of elevation Yogi, See the big picture, Integration of all life’s experiences, Accept life as you find it without the need to judge, Wise, Joy, Forgiveness, Love, Service, Integration between upper and lower chakras Balance of male and female

Inner and outer realities out of balance, Fear to be a teacher, Hard time expressing self, Indulge with too much food, Not enough exercise, Not enough rest, Self interested, Lack of internal balance, Reluctant to share what you know with others, If blocked can affect all parts of physical biological systems, Over sacrifices, Non committed, Inability to take in what another is saying, Has hard time vocalizing, Poor communication skills, Being overly verbal, Talks without thinking Pride in aspects of the lower self

Half god half man(Half of balance) Capacity for balanced sacrifice Teacher Ability to balance all parts of your life Flexible, eloquent speaker Share what you know with others freely Accept sacredness of physical body All parts of your life exist in an easy balance with each other Wisdom Committed Speaking your truth Communicates wisdom Capacity for deep listening Speaking things into being

Glandular imbalances Confused Inconsistency in behavior Unfocused Unable to manifest intentions Not using intuition to protect self Over-intellectualizes Spaced out Unable to focus

Person at prayer Strong projection Strong sense of Justice Balance point between cosmic and physical realms Coordinates in-flow of cosmic knowledge into earthly realm Easy to Integrate activity of first 5 chakras Healthy/balanced glandular system Healthy strong nervous system Natural meditator One pointed Effective Live up to your word Strong power of concentration Strong intuition Strong ability to visualize Wisdom Insight Sees beyond duality Has easy time Integration seeming polarities Easy to hold a mental projection. 

Threatened by other’s energy or situations Overwhelmed by other’s energy Not true to own principles Has “Thin skin” Isolating Not able to uplift yourself Weak boundaries Lays awake trying to fix loved ones Overwhelmed with all negative aspects of life

financial security Platform of elevation Security Mercy Self contained Secure Likes to sing Uplifting to self and others Elevates self with ease Self contained Strong boundaries

Anxiety Fatigue Fearful Shallow breather Low energy

Finite to infinity fearless healer Self initiation Feeling fully alive Energetic Purity Courage Cherish and enjoy all life’s events Mastery over negative, positive and neutral minds Master planner Courageous Full of life force Easy to multi task

Naïve. Gullible. Too hard on self. Life seems mysterious. Easily fooled. Rough in speech and/or behavior. Restless. Fights the way things are. 

Mastery. Subtlety. Calm. Accurate. Great finesse. See beyond the obvious. Learn quick

Wishy washy in external relationships. Downplay own radiance. Shy away from attention. Afraid of responsibility. Disempowering self talk. Feel ineffective. Feel unable to come through

All or nothing. Royal courage. Nobility. Radiance. Warrior spirit. Graceful. Magnetic presence. Commands respect. Determination. Stamina. Give 110%. Brilliance. Majestic. Royal courage. Self -sustaining. Confident.

Don’t relate to mastery of physical realm. Worried about practical problems (money, looks, possessions) Internal conflict about mastering life. Confused about how to take command of own being. Pulled into maya and forget infinity

Eternal. Completion. Wealth. Flexibility to express any of the 10 bodies in optimum way. Mastery of physical realm. Access to spiritual realm. Flexibility of consciousness. Access any part of self appropriately. Mastery over 10 bodies. Uplifting to others. Direct self from impersonal expansive space. Draw people into their own highest consciousness .

Practice doing a reading now:

Tantric Numerology calculates five numbers from your birth date that illuminate your relationship with self, others, and destiny.

The SOUL number is the core of your identity. It indicates your own internal relationship with yourself—with the infinite, unlimited part of yourself. It is the key to tapping into your creativity and depth.

The KARMA number indicates the nature of your relationships with other people. This number describes the thing you must break through in order to be successful in your relationships with others. It is your “test” in life which you have brought along with you many lifetimes.

The GIFT number describes your God-given talent. You don’t have to work for it; it’s already here and yours. You simply need to accept it.

The DESTINY number indicates the main trait that you have worked on for many lifetimes, that you mastered through personal sacrifice and effort. You may not see this mastery in yourself, but in actuality, it shows in everything you do. The destiny number is also a description of how other people see you.

The PATH number is the key to living a fulfilled life by understanding who you are and why you are here on this planet at this time. In order for you to feel fulfilled and successful, your path is the single trait that you must manifest in your day-to-day life. Otherwise you will always feel that “something is missing” from your life. Live your path and all else will work out naturally.

How to Calculate the Numbers

To calculate your own (or someone else’s) numbers, use the birth date: mm/dd/yyyy. Keep summing the numbers until they are reduced to between 1 and 11, equivalent to the ten bodies and eleven, the embodiment of all.

Soul Number: Sum of both day numbers (d+d).
Karma Number: Sum of both month numbers (m+m).
Gift Number: Sum of the decade (last two digits of the year) (y+y).
For example, the gift number for a birth year of 1975 is
7 + 5 = 12; 1 + 2 = 3.

Destiny Number: Sum of all four digits of the year (y+y+y+y).
Path Number: Sum of all the numbers in your birth date (m+m+d+d+y+y+y+y). Note this number is equal to the sum of the Soul, Karma, and Destiny numbers.

Our books: Numerology for Self Mastery  and Tantric Numerology are available from Amazon with suggested meditations and yogic techniques to balance your ten bodies.

On the chart below: Put your soul number by the yogi, your karma number by ‘your story’, your gift and destiny numbers on your ‘foundational assets road’, and your path number where that road leads you. These five positions bring focus to your personal journey. From this awareness, you can design your spiritual practice, your daily discipline to live beyond the drama of the recurring story and to stand in your power of choice.

What Are The Ten Bodies?

At the end of Yogi Bhajan's life he started to teach a radically new concept which he named the "Self Sensory Human".  The experience of being fully human was to be found in the harmonious expression of the 10 Bodies...... In this new age the traditional structures (ex. religions, financial systems, governments) are not able to  support the increased energy causing a collapse of systems worldwide. This collapse is a necessary and important aspect of these times.  What is required is an "upgrade" of all the structures that allow for manifestation, both internally and externally. This upgrade is happening globally as well as individually.   What we have observed is that this shift can be made more consciously simply by becoming aware and aligning with  your 10 bodies. So what are these 10 bodies? The first 7 bodies correlate with the chakras, they are the energetic expression of each chakra. According to the ancient Chinese, Tibetan and Yogic models of awareness, the first 6 chakras are electric in nature created by the positive and negative poles at each chakra.  This creates a current which can be observed in the flow of the meridians and nadis. The 7th, 8th,9th, and 10th bodies are electromagnetic in nature.  This electromagnetic field is created by the electric flow of the first 6 chakras.  This creates a protective shield for the electric system of the body. When both the energetic and electromagnetic aspects are in harmony what is expressed is  the  Self Sensory Human.  This is our human upgrade to manifest our Purest Potential.

Suggested Personal Sadhanas

Some yogic techniques to harmonize each of the 10 bodies:

To Harmonize the 1st Body (Soul):

  1. Take psyllium husks
  2. Sat Kriya 11 minutes per day
  3. Chant Mul Mantra
  4. Yoga and Meditation to harmonize  the 1st Body

To Harmonize the 2nd Body (Negative Mind):

  1. Drink cucumber juice
  2. Chant Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, Guru Dev Namo Guru Deva
  3. Yoga and meditation to harmonize the  2nd body

To Harmonize the 3rd Body (Positive Mind):

  1. Create inspiring affirmations
  2. Stretch pose 1 to 3 minutes each morning
  3. Chant the mantra: Har Haray Hari, Wahe Guru
  4. Yoga and meditations to harmonize the 3rd body

To Harmonize the 4th Body (Neutral Mind):

  1. Wear white clothing
  2. Eat white foods
  3. Do cross crawl exercises
  4. Chant mantra: Ong Sohung
  5. Yoga and meditation to harmonize the 4th Body
To Harmonize the 5th Body (Physical Body):
  1. Engage in strong physical exercise daily.
  2. Breath of Fire for at least 11 minutes daily
  3. Chant mantra: Humee Hum Brahm Hum
  4. Yoga and meditation to harmonize the 5th body

To Harmonize the 6th Body (Arcline):

  1. Bowing meditation
  2. Chant mantra: Ong
  3. Yoga and meditation to harmonize the 6th Body

To Harmonize the 7th (Auric) Body:

  1. Eat sweet yellow foods
  2. Wear citrine or amber jewelry
  3. Chantra the mantra: Ad Guray Nameh, Jugad Guray Nameh, Sat Guray Nameh, Siri Guru Devay Nameh
  4. Yoga and Meditation to harmonize the 7th Body

To Harmonize the 8th (Pranic) Body:

  1. Any pranayam
  2. Aerobic exercises
  3. Chant the mantra: Pavan Pavan Pavan Pavan Par Para Pavan Guru, Pavan Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Pavan Guru
  4. Yoga and Meditations for harmonizing the 8th Body

To Harmonize the 9th (Subtle) Body:

  1. Wear nice, delicate clothing
  2. Do a spiritual discipline for 1000 days
  3. Listen more then talk
  4. Chant the mantra: Ad Sach, Jugad Sach, Habi Sach, Nanak Hosi Bhi Sach
  5. Yoga and meditation to harmonize the 9th body

To Harmonize the 10th (Radiant) Body:

  1. Archer pose 11 minutes per day on each side
  2. Wear gold jewelry
  3. Chant the mantra: Gobinday, Mukanday, Udharay, Aparay, Hariang, Kariang, Nirnamay, Akamay
  4. Yoga and meditation to harmonize the 10th body

To Harmonize the Number Eleven:

  1. Create an altar and bow before it
  2. Practice seva
  3. Yoga and Meditation to harmonize the 11th embodiment

Harmonize the 6th Body

by Kirn and Guruchander photodune-6316329-third-eye-xs-1 Third eye, clairvoyant

This sixth month is about focus and intuition.  One of the first yoga sutras by rishi Patanjali, known as “The Father of Yoga,” states that: “Yoga is the control of the thought waves of the mind.” Your capacity to control the thought waves of your mind comes from the sixth chakra.  This energetic center allows you to see beyond the play of the polarities, and instead observe reality from your intuition, your all-seeing third eye. The beauty is that once your focus is not caught in the polarities you can observe possibilities.

You can check the capacity of your sixth chakra/body to direct your thoughts by asking: Do I understand my life’s purpose? Am I manifesting my intention? Can I keep my mind focused?  Can I see beyond duality?

The following yoga practices will improve your focus and intuitive knowing:

  • Wear the color purple, and/or any purple gem stone
  • Affirm: I flow with my intuitive knowing now
  • Eat yellow foods which have the color of the sun: squash, corn, pineapple, etc.
  • Chant the mantra ‘Ong’ touching the  tips of ring fingers and the thumbs
  • Meditate 11 minutes daily holding a strong focus at the brow point
  • Practice any kundalini yoga kriya to open the third eye
The following yoga asana will help balance the sixth chakra/body: YOGA MUDRA
Sit on heels and interlace the hands on the back
Bend forward and place the forehead on the ground
Lift arms up behind the back
Remain in posture for 1 to 3 minutes with long deep breathing

NAULIES  to stimulate the 8th body, the pranic body.

Food provides energy to the body and prana is what energizes the kundalini!


Naulies or Diaphragm Lock also known as Uddiyana Bandh:
To master this bhanda we recommend that you include the following in your daily practice.
Do this only with absolutely no food or liquid in your stomach.
Practice it first thing in the morning after your cold shower and while standing in front of a mirror.

  1. Place the hands on the thighs while bending forward slightly (30º)
  2. Exhale the breath out and do not allow any breath to come back into the lungs while applying the bhanda 
  3. With the breath held out, pull the abdominal muscles in and up 
  4. Look in the mirror to make sure that the muscles of the diaphragm pull up, and in, and then also pull up under the rib cage 
  5. Repeat holding and releasing the lock on the exhale several times
  6. Then inhale, again exhale and continue to apply this bhanda
The key to be able to do this is to apply pressure downwards with the hands.

PDF to observe your destiny journey

PDF to practice doing your numbers

More Information

Altar as a Tool
More Information

"Numerology for Self Mastery" Book


A study of Numerology for Self Mastery using Kundalini Yoga practices and Meditations to achieve fulfillment. This form of Numerology is not just a reading to entertain and inform. This form uses Kundalini Yoga sets and meditations to rewrite the responses to lifes challenges.The techniques create the ability of the practicioner to respond rather than react to life’s events. Their is a breakdown of the human psyche according to the Yogi’s and technology to rewrite the way planetary light affects the human pshche. This transmission of light can be experienced as harmonious and the Universe experienced as an ally not the enemy. Change feeling like a victim(Karma and past life Karma known as Samskaras) to Dharma or flow with the Universe as your Ally. Enjoy the technology of Kundalini Yoga sets and meditations to release the obstacles and experience the joy and fulfillment of manifesting your Purest Potential, now.

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Tantric Numerology is different from most numerology books. We won’t be dealing with a lot of numbers or formulas. Our first book, Numerology for Self Mastery, presents the ten bodies in a very personal way. A good way to begin your study of the ten bodies would be to familiarize yourself with the information in the first book. It explains how to calculate the numerology hidden in the day of your birth. Your birth numbers describe your preliminary destiny in terms of the ten bodies. Expanding yourself beyond those first studies of numerology into actually applying the technology to cause positive change using all ten bodies will give you the capacity to re-write your destiny. This is the intention for Tantric Numerology.

This second book looks at the expressions of each of the ten bodies so you can learn how to integrate and coordinate each body consciously. These bodies are the yogic description of what the fully expressed human being feels and acts like. The practical part of it is that anyone can achieve this state of realization – it just takes applying your awareness. You don’t need to belong to any organized anything to express your potential.

Knowing your personal numbers will allow you to harmonize your soul’s expression. Our premise is that the soul has lessons to integrate and gifts to express this lifetime. With an awareness of your soul’s journey you can manifest your specific expression. Learning how to express the potential of your ten bodies will give you the ability to live beyond the drama of your karma, (polarities) so you can fulfill your Purest Potential. These two books are the foundation for you to learn how to bring yourself completely present in your own life in a harmonic way.

Completely re-written and updated.

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