Numerology Trainings at Purest Potential


The basics for Yogic Numerology
are outlined in our 2 books available at Amazon
Numerology for Self Mastery 
Tantric Numerology - Create your Destiny

Reading and applying the techniques will give you
  • a basic understanding of this awareness based system
  • the ability to calculate your numerology
  • observe patterns and opportunities for growth and change
  • an introduction to the 10 emanations of your psyche or "bodies" 
Instructors: Guruchander (Founder of Yogic Numerology) and Kirn
The instructors have studied and practiced this art since 1973 studying directly with Yogi Bhajan.

Yogic Numerology is a revolutionary Aquarian system for self mastery. Other systems try to predict events, we show you how to be at peace within, no matter what happens on the outside.
Yogic Numerology will help you to:

* Command your life
* Master your strengths
* Overcome your weaknesses
* Become infinite

A set of patterns emerges from a birth date. Each of us has a life path, lessons to learn, challenges and assets specific to us. We use numerology to create a specific path to self mastery. You will learn how:
  • To break down year, month and day cycles
  • To read the five key numbers in your chart
  • To see how the numbers work together giving a clear map of your elementary destiny
  • To apply yoga sets and meditations for rewriting your destiny

We have utilized numerology to provide thousands of people the clarity, perspective and direction required to make sense of their life. After successful completion of this course, you also will also be in a position to guide others to rewrite their destiny.

The books 'Numerology for Self Mastery' and 'Tantric Numerology' are available in our reception room, for you to curl up with a good book that helps you understand the real you.

Course includes an 8 month support program:
Monthly phone conferences with small group
Monthly Skype call with Guruchander
Monthly practicum review and coaching

The 4 Foundations workshops are based on the integrated approach of kundalini yoga, yogic numerology and the purushartha system.  This integration will give you yourself, a way to activate your potential consciously and a way to manifest this in interdependent community.  

The weekends provide an opportunity to do a numerology calculation  and explore the potential of activating all of the 10 bodies.  You will learn about the Purushartha system, what it is, why it has been around for thousands of years, how it applies to your life, what yogic practices align you with the energetic flow, identify your quadrant, how to create conscious relationships based on the Purushartha principles, how to create an offer from your essence, and define your conditions of satisfaction.

Level 2: Become a Yogic Numerologist and run a spiritual business

Level 3: Purest Potential Master Coach program

9 month program which integrates the 3 aspects of:
kundalini yoga, yogic numerology and the Purushartha system

Be part of a community which serves and helps you manifest your ultimate life by living these 4 principles:
Identify and live your potential
Connect to a mutual sense of purpose and maximize joy
Shared acts of pragmatic work
Celebrate abundance

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