Purest Potential Team

Monday and Wednesday 6pm - 7:15pm
Kundalini yoga for: Purest Potential
Tuesday 6PM - 7:15 with Guruchander
Community Kundalini Yoga $5

Kirn  Moved to the USA from the Netherlands in 1975 and started her journey of self discovery with Kundalini Yoga.
For many years she assisted Yogi Bhajan in the running of camps for children and women, the Espanola ashram and a boarding school in India. This unique opportunity of studying directly with a master of kundalini yoga left her with many gifts to share.
In collaboration with her husband, Dr Guruchander, they have identified a system for self awareness and self mastery based on ancient yogic teachings of 10 Body Numerology combined with The Purusharthas, an Ayurvedic life management system
They teach this system during their kundalini yoga classes and special workshops. 
Kirn and Guruchander are the founders of Purest Potential which operates Yoga Santa Fe and GRD Health Clinic since 1987

Friday: 12 - 1:15pm
Sunday: 9 - 10:15am
Kundalini Yoga for: Mastery of Self
Guruchander met Yogi Bhajan in 1973 and started his life long practice and teaching of Kundalini Yoga. Along with his wife Kirn, they began their journey to manifest Purest Potential through the practice of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, 10 Body Numerology and the Purushartha system.

Guruchander has written two books on Numerology as a method for Enlightenment. He is a senior Teacher Trainer In the Aquarian Academy created by Yogi Bhajan. He serves as co-director for Yoga Santa Fe and travels extensively throughout the world sharing these beautiful teachings and may be reached at


The focus and intention during the Kundalini Yoga class is to:
Manifest the excellence of your total psyche
Consciously use the 10 bodies as a model for self realization
Use the practices of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan in a class setting to help master the human psyche
Create the posture of a self-realized yogi in the spiritual and material world we live in
Inspire the student to adopt a life (sadhana) of a yogi who lives as a householder
Inspire the student's love for every breath with devotion and deep remembrance of True Self

A Kundalini yoga class for Self Mastery will include:
*Kundalini yoga kriyas specifically taught by Yogi Bhajan to master the 10 bodies
*Breathing practices to consolidate the state of self realization
*The use of chanting Mantra's for creating the mental frequencies of self-mastery
*Meditations to transform physical, mental, emotional stress into devotional self-mastery
*Gong and other forms of deep relaxation for synchronization and recognition of ourselves as beings of light in charge of our earthly experience.


Monday: 9am - 10:15am
Kundalini Yoga for: The Liberated Heart



Brinda first learned yoga from her father as a child. As an adult, she practiced several forms of yoga ardently for a decade before she falling head over heels in love with Kundalini in 2011. During her first month of practice, she attended class every day and soon thereafter was enrolled in teacher training. In Brinda’s words, “In my first Kundalini class, I experienced the same level of physical sensation in my body and clarity of insight that I experience after two or three full days of a silent meditation retreat. I knew this was for me.”

Brinda completed the Kundalini Research Institute's 220-hour Aquarian Teacher Level 1 teacher training program at Yoga Santa Fe with Kirn and Guruchander Khalsa, who have been practicing for 40+ years and studied directly with Yogi Bhajan.

Brinda is certified by the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association, a member of the national Yoga Alliance. 

Brinda teaches a weekly class at Yoga Santa Fe, private lessons, and at national conferences. She incorporates the practices of somatics, sufficiency, intention setting, and mindfulness into her teaching.

Brinda’s Kundalini spiritual name is Puranprem, which means complete love of the soul. Self-love is her life’s path and the core of what she teaches in all of her classes.

Learn more at about her at    www.brindamaira.com


Tuesday 6pm - 7:15pm
Kundalini yoga for: The Grateful Way
Ramleen is a mother of three. She founded and directed the Dragonfly Sanctuary in Madrid, NM. Thousands of people came from all over the world to celebrate peace in this spiritual sanctuary. She has worked internationally creating exchange programs for youth social workers, as well as provided ceremony and ritual in over half a dozen countries worldwide.

Ramleen has been a transformational leader for the past 20 years. She has led seminars for the leading company in personal and professional training and development, LandMark Education. She is an ordained Bishop with the Eternal Life Church, and a spiritual counsellor.

She loves yoga and empowering people to fulfill what is important to them on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. She considers it her privilege and passion to guide people to discover their own perfection. Sat Nam.


Monday 12:00 - 1:15 pm
Kundalini Yoga for: Light of the Soul

Gurumittar has been practicing Kundalini Yoga since she was 3 years old. She has grown up in a yogic lifestyle with her parents, Kirn and Guruchander.
She lived for 9 years in a yogic boarding school in India where she immersed herself in an environment based on deep spiritual practices, which have become a powerful anchor in her life. Her class focuses on inspiring people to live in the light of their soul. She teaches from the heart and brings compassion and love in all avenues of life.

She shares her passion for healing as a Doctor of Oriental medicine and when she teaches her dynamic kundalini yoga classes.

Tuesday 9 - 10:15am
Saturday 9 - 10:15am
Kundalini Yoga to:  Access Infinity
ShabadAvtar Singh:
Shabad Avtar: My name means the sound current that cuts away all ego, here to bring a new language.

I found kundalini yoga when I was 19 years old and it saved my life. I had been completely disconnected from my body and my soul through over- experimentation with drugs and an intense adrenaline junkie lifestyle. Through my journey to find purpose and certainty in life I met two lifetime yogis that had studied with Yogi Bhajan directly for over 40 years. Kirn and Guruchander showed me how kundalini is a natural and sustainable way for me to get high. Practicing this shed light on one of my deepest truths. I realized that I had to find my supreme reality from within rather than from external sources. Yoga and meditation is the practice in which I continually actualize and integrate this truth. I'm so grateful that I am now grounded and have found purpose.

In my class I offer a sense of clarity and an experience of your deepest truth.

Wednesday 4:30 - 5:45pm
Kundalini Yoga to: Lighten up!
Sat Kirin Pinson teaches Lighten Up! A Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Class to help you gently reduce the impact of stress and shine a positive light on the places that need healing, balance, and upliftment.  Life has its challenges and sometimes it can feel down right messy. Taking time to rediscover your true spark, your light, can increase your vitality, health, and resilience as well as give you more capacity for self love and self acceptance. As you increase your connection to the light within, you radiate more light into the world.  Aligning with your inner light is the easiest way to become more you – more centered, clear, calm, and joyful! Lighten Up! Classes include kriyas (a set of yoga postures and/or meditations), breathing exercises, mantras, and mudras that elevate the spirit, calm the mind, strengthen the body and ultimately help you align you with your soul. 
Sat Kirin has been a practitioner of Kundalini Yoga since 2000 and a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor since 2009. She initially trained in biochemistry and nutrition, and later turned her focus to the healing arts. She is a New Mexico registered art therapist, a practitioner of Seimei healing, and a gifted creator of beauty, especially in the uplifting flower arrangements she continually creates for the Yoga Santa Fe studio altar.
Thursday 6 -7:15pm
Kundalini Yoga for: Sacred Sound Awakenings

Patrizia Da Milano/HariRaj

Out of the Abyss of our imperfections, comes joy.

Hari Raj, Patrizia Da Milano, was born and raised in Milano Italy. Art became her most fulfilling, and nurturing experience with which she connected through studies and personal practices.

Her Path of Spirituality began when she decided at the age of 21 to travel to the United States. Her life journey took many international turns and along the way moved toward healing and transformation through the Metis Medicine Way, Kundalini Yoga and the Sacred Healing Sound Of the Gong.

Hari Raj, mother of Jonathan Hans and Sarah Rossella, lives in Santa Fe with her husband Romeo. She is extremely excited to be part of this awesome community. The artistic expression and the Heart to Heart connections are the roots of all that she delivers for the Highest Potential in this Aquarian Age.

Patrizia Da Milano Mentor and Facilitator of Empowerment and Bliss

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