Purushartha Training at Purest Potential


A REVOLUTIONARY method to understand how to manifest MOST efficiently and effectively AS A TEAM –using spiritual principles and ancient knowledge – creating PROSPERITY for ALL!

Its perfect for streamlining the productivity and creative process of any business, organization, community, as well as family, group, or partnership – and a ton of FUN

You will learn how to:

Identify in what way you NATURALLY contribute to a group or relationship
Put YOUR contribution into ACTION
UNITE your group’s INTENTION
Collectively, effectively, and efficiently make your CONTRIBUTION to the WORLD!

Experience how we ALL achieve MORE when we interconnect, communicate, manifest, and PROSPER to create a better world.

This system – POISE - Purushartha Optimal Interchange for Social Excellence - is a combination and weave of the techniques of Kundalini Yoga and Yogic Numerology to create Self-Awareness and a sensitivity to the world around us. As we understand and study our own energy and how energy moves in ALL things, we can see how to contribute to the continuation of a forward flow, how to develop supportive habits that REDUCE resistance to this FLOW, as well as evolve our personal and business relationships to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! It’s a NEW DANCE – one that involves EVERYONE!

The Purushartha process introduces you to the life cycle of manifestation and how each of us can consciously participate in order to live a life of ease, based on principles from the yoga traditions which are many thousands of years old. The natural cycle of manifestation “pulls” prosperity towards you, yet when these principles are applied in reverse, life will end up being a constant “push”.

Pull/Flow/Attraction = ease
Push/Repulsion/Force = dis-ease

“Everyone has a dream. To fulfill that dream either you have to run after the dream and complete it or the complete dream should come to you.”
Yogi Bhajan June 5, 1990

The Purushartha process allows you to see what your essential contribution is and then bring that forward in your life.  The Purest Potential community is our clan and this clan is divided into 4 tribes.  These tribes manifest their specific contributions to the clan interdependently with each other. 

How this will benefit you:

  • See where your essential tendency, your Purest Potential lies
  • Align with natural energy flow which manifests as expansion i.e prosperity
  • Create intentional dialogue in all relationships 
  • Change break downs into breakthroughs instantly
  • Find support in a dynamic learning community 
  • Create habits which serve you and eliminate those which do not
  • Recognize what you are naturally good at doing and do that and not everything else!
  • Allow others to be who they naturally are and support them in "being" 

To learn the Purushartha process we offer these 3 integrated options: 
1)  4 Foundations workshops
2)  Purushartha Consultant Program (9 month program)
3)  Purest Potential Master Coach Program (9 month program)

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