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Wednesday Sadhana: 5:30 to 7:30am
Aquarian Sadhana Practice

Sunday Sadhana: 5 to 7:30am
The theme for the Sunday Sadhana practice varies:
1st Sunday of the month:  Prosperity
2nd Sunday of the month: 10 Body Sadhana
3rd Sunday of the month: Miracle Mantra
4th Sunday of the month:  Aquarian Sadhana

Bring water, yoga mat and blanket
You can come at any time during this morning practice, there is no such thing as coming late to sadhana. Come to enjoy the song of your soul during these early morning hours and set your frequency for the day.



The Aquarian Sadhana attunes your gunas, your chakras, and your mind to your Purest Potential.The Aquarian Sadhana is practiced by Kundalini Yoga communities across the world. Doing sadhana in a group develops group consciousness. A group sadhana practice amplifies the impact. Yogi Bhajan said that group meditation not only adds to individual effort, but multiplies it.


Affirmations help to reframe your beliefs until they become your reality, your experience. Yogi Bhajan used to tell us often: “Fake it and you will make it”. We must practice and “feel” new beliefs before they become our newfound reality.

For many years I wondered why people who were disciplined in their practice of yoga seemed so stuck. Many would come to me complaining that they just weren’t achieving the progress they had imagined. As we talked it became clear that they had the goal of becoming a yogi, but had failed to define what that meant. No wonder they felt frustrated, because there was no clarity about what the realization of the practice would feel like, taste like, be like.

This started our research into yogic and spiritual literature for clear goals and affirmations created by yogis, and other saints confirming the purpose for their spiritual practice. Well, they had tremendous clarity, and we found many! This clarity of the experience of self-realization was the “it” that most people had not defined. The honesty, and the devotion were there, but the clarity of what that experience would give was lacking.

The affirmations all described inner qualities such as bliss, joy, and ease.   What the ancients had realized is that when these inner qualities become part of your reality they create a base to allow worldly goals to manifest in perfect harmony with your True Self, your Sat Nam.   We recommend that you first establish a strong personal sadhana for at least 120 days and then you are then are ready to change your self-concepts from who you are to who you want to become.

  • Making the recording using a computer, etc.
  • Speak one affirmation at a time
  • Pause 8 seconds as research has shown a higher impact on retention if this pause is added
  • Play very simple music in the back ground such as Pachabel Canon in D or your favorite spiritual music
  • When you complete your recording then burn a CD of it
  • Play on CD player 24 hours a day close to or under the altar, in your car, etc.

Some guidelines for creating your own affirmations:
  • Add the word now at the end of each affirmation to qualify that “now” is the eternal now.
  • State the affirmation in the positive, i.e. do not say: I am getting rid of anger, instead say: I am at peace, now.
  • Feel free to redo your affirmations any time you want to!

I would like to share a personal experience of practicing affirmations. After many years of listening to my affirmations, I became aware that one in particular stood out for me. The affirmation: “I am fearless, now”. I began to notice all the times I wasn’t fearless as this instruction to my inner self penetrated my psyche.   My inner talk would sound something like the following: “I AM totally fearless NOW, so why am I feeling fearful when that’s not my higher self’s true identity?”.   I would then take a few minutes and repeat “I am fearless now” until my state of being matched the belief and the feeling of being totally fearless.

Yogi Bhajan frequently stated: “You become what you focus on”. These affirmations combined with an active yoga and meditation practice will create the clarity you seek from your life’s experience.

Kirn and Guruchander


A unique 2.5 hour practice which utilizes powerful kundalini yoga kriyas, meditations and mantras to invoke prosperity.

One Minute Breath
Practice Long Deep Breathing or another breathing technique to prepare the body and mind for One Minute Breath.YSF-Promo-1.19.14-861-150x150

  • Maintain a straight spine, with the chin in, and the chest lifted up and out.
  • Inhale for 20 seconds
  • suspend/hold the breath for 20 seconds
  • exhale for 20 seconds
  • Don’t hold or suspend the breath after the exhale. Begin inhaling again after completing the exhalation.
  • Breath slowly and deeply,
  • drawing air first into your lower, then middle, and
  • finally upper lungs so that the entire lung is participating.
  • Eyes:Closed
  • End on an exhale and resume regular, natural breathing

Take your time with this pranayama, building your way slowly to the full 20 second inhale/hold/exhale cycle. If you cannot do 20 seconds, then do 10 or even 5 seconds. Just be sure to keep the breath even, and inhale/hold/exhale for the same amount of time. Example: Inhale 5 seconds, hold 5 seconds, exhale 5 seconds.

Work your way up to 31 minutes slowly, starting with 3 minutes and moving up from there. If needed, intersperse periods of Long Deep Breathing with One Minute Breath.

Yogi Bhajan taught that breathing at the rate of one breath per minute develops cooperation between the hemispheres of the brain, brings the mind under control of the yogi, and builds intuition.

One Minute Breath calms the mind of worries, and Yogi Bhajan also said that if practiced for 31 minutes a day a person can control all of the cells in their body, and if practiced for 62 minutes a day a person will have wisdom and stability.

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya


The use of an altar has proven to be very important in terms of self-realization for us, and many of our students. We have found that personal home altars can be a point of focus for your spirituality, a place where you confirm the mind in compassion and love. It can also be used for healing, manifesting or meditation.       The altar symbolizes an area where you honor wisdom, and transformation. Many people have altars out of wood or on wood, because the wood’s presence gives testimony to the greater cycle of life.

Items to add to your altar:
  • Pictures of self realized people
  • Your own picture confirming yourself to be in the company of the realized ones
  • A mala with 108 beads symbolizing mastery and completion
  • Objects that make you feel protected and strong
  • Objects, which represent your divine state, harmony, and serenity
  • Crystals to represent clarity
  • Candles to represent enlightenment
  • Fresh flowers to represent prana
  • Incense to represent upliftment
  • Play specific mantras to confirm the intention for the altar

The purpose of adding your own picture to the altar is to consciously create the habit to worship your own higher self. This is why we as kundalini yogis are mindful to inhale Sat (truth) and exhale Nam (identity). We do this to confirm that our identity is Truth. When you create your altar let it be dedicated to your own higher self. What you will notice is that as you take time to regularly connect with the altar, you start to unlearn any condescending behavior or language that insults your real identity. Your words and your actions will become aligned with your higher Self.

We also noticed that the focus for our morning practice changed from trying to get rid of problems to dwelling in bliss. We experienced bliss to be the ultimate state of deep, higher self love.

Yogi Bhajan used to say frequently “If you can’t see God in all, then you can’t see God at all.”   Let your altar be dedicated to your own God self, so that you can see the God in all.


Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru
(7 minutes) I am at one with the creator, my true identity is infinity, I accept my darkness and my light as this process of integration is what makes me whole and affirms my humanity. With this mantra, we strengthen the connection with the infinite self, the part of us beyond the physical world, beyond creation

Waah Yantee, Kar Yantee, Jag Dut Patee, Aadak It Waahaa , Brahmaadeh Tresha Guru It Wahe Guru
(7 minutes) Great Macroself, Creative Self, All that is creative through time, All that is Source Energy (Three aspects of God) Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. All this is in the experience of Wahe Guru.

Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Kartaa Purkh Nirbhao Nirvair Akaal Moorat Ajoonee Saibung Gur Prasad Jap! Aad Sach Jugaad Sach Haibhee Sach Nanak Hosee Bhee Sach
(7 minutes) I am at one with the creator, my true identity is infinity, it is that identity which accomplishes everything in my existence. My higher self-identity is fearless, revengeless, I realize I am undying, that my light in me before and after the womb and I had to recognize this Truth and this is the formula that gave me that realization. I realize that by true light has always been always will be and Nanak confirmed that this is the identity of all human beings.

at Siri, Siri Akaal, Siri Akaal, Mahaa Akaal , Mahaa Akaal, Sat Naam , Akaal Moorat, Wahe Guru
(7 minutes) It promotes victory in all aspects of life. Truth is undying, eternal, greatest and is the essential nature of all

Rakhay rakhanahaar aap ubaaria-an, Gur kee pairee paa-i kaaj savaari-an Hoaa aap da-iaal manaho na visaari-an , Saadh janaa kai sang bhavajal taari-an Saakat nindak dusht khin maa-eh bidaarian, Tis saahib kee tayk Naanak manai maa-eh Jis simrat sukh ho-i sagalay dookh jaa-eh
(7 Minutes) This is a mantra for protection against all negative forces, inner and outer. It cuts through every opposing vibration, thought, word, or action. By remembering your essential nature, which is connected with all, you are protected, guided by your intuition and safe from harm. By connecting to this during your daily sadhana, all happiness will be experienced and pain and sorrow will no longer affect you the same way.

Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Jio
Sit in Vir Asan   22 minutes “Wow, God is great!”

Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru
To activate the fourth chakra/Body and set your energy for the day.  (5 minutes)

 “I do not believe in miracles, I rely on them” Yogi Bhajan
Sitting in easy pose we chant the following mantra 5x on each breath for 2.5 hours:

Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru
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