The Purest Potential System


The Purest Potential system to manifest your ultimate life:

Kundalini yoga to ignite your potential
Yogic Numerology to direct your potential
Purushartha to contribute your potential

To Start:
Take kundalini yoga classes and the 4 Foundations courses

Foundations courses
#1. Identify your Essential Self
#2. Activate yourSelf 
#3. Create Intentional Community
#4. Make your Contribution

To deepen your experience and application of the principles:

9 month Kundalini Immersion/Teacher Training
9 month Yogic Numerologist level 2 Immersion Course
9 month Purushartha Life Coach level 2 Immersion Course

Wanting to live and teach this:  
9 month Master Coach Immersion Training Program

Yoga has never been truly described for what it is. It is an art and a science with which you can leap over the pitfalls of life. It is a science, and knowledge, and art, where mind and body can work in union and spirit will back it up.   – Yogi Bhajan 2/11/92

Our integrated system is efficient and effective.  
It is designed to experience yourself beyond personal drama, stories, reactivity, sublimation, subordination, grievances, if only..., so you can choose to participate in the transformational process of expansion and growth, in a conscious learning community

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