What Makes Purest Potential Unique?


The founders
   Purest Potential is unique in the fact that the owners have lived these principles for over 40 years. Dr Guruchander and Kirn have participated in yoga ashrams and personally served Yogi Bhajan, the kundalini yoga master for decades. The vision for Purest Potential comes from a lifetime of dedication and commitment to express their own potential. They live and practice the yoga of marriage and raising children, of prospering in the world while maintaining a strong connection to Self.

Their commitment to the principles of potential manifest in the unique application of kundalini yoga, numerology and the Purushartha System and in the talented team which helps to deliver these methods so that you too can manifest your unique Purest Potential!

WHY Purest Potential......Looking at our world today its pretty evident that the current paradigm could use an upgrade:  The devastating effects of global climate change, the escalating expression of intolerance, myopic greed destabilizing financial markets, and the victimization apparent from an enormous imbalance of power.

How can this shift you ask? We need to stop "waiting for the world to change" ...for the next president to fix it....  to stop indulging in drugs, alcohol and other numbing practices, stop aligning with exclusive groups which profess a false sense of security, we need to stop hiding our brilliance and our gifts

It is when you "own" your potential that you can stop being a victim, or an abuser, stop playing mind games of right and wrong, us and them, left and right...When you connect to your potential you can upgrade this current paradigm to be: inclusive, tolerant, sustainable, self directed, interdependent, and generous.  It all begins with you

Purest Potential offers self directed programs which ignite, direct and contribute your potential. 

Expressing potential by living our core values:
We strive to uphold these guiding principles that make us who we are and shape where we are going:

Purpose driven - Engage with what matters - Take effective action - Celebrate successes

The game plan to manifest Purest Potential is simple:

Kundalini yoga to Activate your capacity and awareness of possibilities
Numerology to apply and deliver the awareness of the sovereignty of Self  
Purushartha System: A yogic energy management technique to actualize your potential in a learning community

Purest Potential offers, *daily kundalini yoga classes, *regular Foundations workshops to empower you to use numerology and the Purushartha system in your life, *trainings to become Numerlogists, yoga teachers and purushartha coaches, *master coach program to live, breathe and teach the purest potential system,  * private instruction * workshops * chiropractic care * acupuncture * coaching *massage , * energy healing

YSF-Promo-1.19.14-118KUNDALINI YOGA:  is the foundation and emphasizes the elements of 10 BODY AWARENESS, MEDITATION and KRIYA
KRIYA PRACTICE: Still mind, full heart, link movement with breath, increase flexibility, work the core, integrate passion and discipline
10 BODY AWARENESS: Integrate all 10 aspects of the psyche, strengthen the projection and brings confidence to manifest deeply held intentions, observe possibilities for positive change, deepen experience of Self
MEDITATION: Ground and calm the mind, circulate energy and energize the mind in the most balanced and sustainable way

YOGIC NUMEROLOGY: Based on awareness and the activation of all 10 aspects of the psyche, techniques to activate their highest capacity, lifestyle habits to sustain continued growth and prosperity

PURUSHARTHA SYSTEM:  Based on an ancient yogic methodology for manifesting prosperity.  The guiding principles are:  to align with your purpose, engage with discipline and passion, take massive effective action, and celebrate success with gratitude.

Do you want to "be the change you want to see in the world" and create harmony in body, mind, and spirit?  Come over and get your potential on... and take a yoga class.  The journey of a 1,000 miles starts with making a clear choice... 


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