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Upcoming Teacher Training Level 2 - Mind & Meditation

October 6, 7, 8 2017 and November 10, 11, 12
9am till 6pm daily
Bring your own lunch

“Every weakness in your mind is because you are not in touch with your neutral mind. Neutral mind is when you are not bound down by the negative force or the positive force. Then YOU are the force. Then that’s God.”
—Yogi Bhajan

“Man jeetai jag jeet . . . Conquer the mind and you conquer the world.”
—Yogi Bhajan

Course Description
Your mind has a unique, energetic frequency that runs parallel to your individual place in history’s time-line. As a soul who decided to take human form, both dense and luminous in nature, you are bound to the subtle and radical changes in the earth’s rhythms as well. There is only one sanctuary from the chaotic changes we are now experiencing-- your own mind. In the Aquarian Age you must acquire an understanding of how your mind interacts and functions, and a mastery of the quality and flow of your own thoughts.

The Level 2 Mind & Meditation course will provide you with the experiential knowledge, intellectual understanding and spiritual development essential for successfully navigating through this distinctive period in our history. With an emphasis on the meditative mind, you will learn to recognize and distinguish between your three minds, how to utilize the positive qualities of each, and ultimately how to direct the mind’s varying attributes giving you a greater capacity for happiness and a deeper comprehension of your own internal flow of energy.

The Mind & Meditation course is intended to illuminate the relationship between you and your mind. Through this powerful experience, you will explore how the mind works in relationship to yourself and others. You will begin to integrate fundamental concepts about the nature and dynamics of the mind into your life. Perhaps most important of all, you will deepen your meditative mind.

The type of relationship we create with our mind is essential to our ability to act effectively, to recognize our true nature and to align with our Divine Purpose. Yogi Bhajan taught us the old ways of using the mind are becoming obsolete. The technology presented in Level 2 Mind & Meditation addresses the rapid shifts we are experiencing today, individually and as a collective. This course is about the transformation and deepening of your own core capacities, character and consciousness.

  • Increase your awareness of the layers of the mind
  • Understand, utilize and experience the negative and positive forces inherent in human nature
  • Assimilate and balance the positive and negative minds
  • Perceive, receive and project through the neutral mind
  • Using the neutral mind as your guide, gain the ultimate freedom - the freedom to choose how you want to feel, what you want to create, and ultimately, your experience of reality
  • Change the frequency of your psyche to prepare for the changes the Aquarian Age will bring
The emerging Aquarian Age demands we know intimately how our mind creates our world around us. As you dive more deeply into knowing and experiencing the Positive and Negative minds, your Neutral meditative mind will be yours. Your communication will be clearer, your relationships will deepen and your heart will open. You will be forever changed.



2018:   March 2,3,4 and April 13,14,15
Daily from 9 till 6

Instructors: Guruchander (Founder of Yogic Numerology) and Kirn
The instructors have studied and practiced this art since 1973 studying directly with Yogi Bhajan.

Yogic Numerology is a revolutionary Aquarian system for self mastery. Other systems try to predict events, we show you how to be at peace within, no matter what happens on the outside.
Yogic Numerology will help you to:

  • Command your life
  • Master your strengths
  • Overcome your weaknesses
  • Become infinite

A set of patterns emerges from a birth date. Each of us has a life path, lessons to learn, challenges and assets specific to us. We use numerology to create a specific path to self mastery. You will learn how:
  • To break down year, month and day cycles
  • To read the five key numbers in your chart
  • To see how the numbers work together giving a clear map of your elementary destiny
  • To apply yoga sets and meditations for rewriting your destiny

We have utilized numerology to provide thousands of people the clarity, perspective and direction required to make sense of their life. After successful completion of this course, you also will also be in a position to guide others to rewrite their destiny.

$350 per person or
$500 for two* people
$150 for seniors and full time students
Or talk to us, we will try to not turn anyone away!
* one student from YSF, second person new to YSF

To properly prepare for this course we highly suggest reading 'Numerology for Self Mastery' and 'Tantric Numerology' which are available in our reception room, for you to curl up with a good book that helps you understand the real you.

Course includes an 8 month support program:
Monthly phone conferences with small group
Monthly Skype call with Guruchander
Monthly practicum review and coaching



Yoga Santa Fe India Yatra flyerIndia Yatra

Calling all yogis and seekers, for a spiritual journey to mother India.

Amritsar, Rishikesh and Delhi
with Kirn & Guruchander

DATES: 2018 - Nov 15 through Dec 4
COST: $2,195.00

Each Yatra is a unique experience for the seeker on a spiritual path. This Yatra is accessible to everybody: those who have never practiced Kundalini Yoga , those just beginning, as well as experienced practitioners. The program is adaptable depending on what you want to experience. You can enjoy this journey at your own pace and your own rhythm. From the yogic perspective, there are vortex spots on the earth. These centers connect the subtle and physical realms. Being in these locations can alter your state of mind and a yogi can attain in hours what could take years. One method to align ourselves with these power centers is called “Yatra” which literally means to divert the flow of life towards radiance.

Our travel will be in the Indus valley, which is saidto be the cradle of human civilization and the place where the Vedas were conceived. Evidence of religious practices in this area date back approximately to 5500 BCE. On this yatra you will be in touch with communities and lineages that have kept up a very humble, pure and serving attitude and practiced the teachings in the midst of all confusion of the Kali Yuga. You will visit spiritual places, meditate in special temples, learn about stories of saints, meet spiritual people, visit community projects, practice Kundalini Yoga and meditation, and do seva (service to others), this journey is like food for your soul, an inspiration to continue your personal growth and the create a more peaceful world.
IMG_0043_copyOur first location is the Golden Temple in Amritsar, where we will do seva and special meditations. Our practice is supplemented with daily yoga. Recreation space is given for resting, exploration, shopping and inner contemplation. 

We will then travel by train to the calm foothills of the Himalayas to the holy city of Rishikesh to release past attachments, gain new perspective, create new connections. We will make sacred offerings at the Ganga and participate with sunset Aarti Fire Ceremonies.  

We will end our journey at an ashram near Delhi, where we will have a Purest Potential workshop with live sound current to elevate, deeply heal, transform, and awaken your spirit. This course will give you the foundational teachings to manifest your purest potential.. The time at this beautiful ashram will give the opportunity to integrate the lessons and transformation from this yatra, and have time to shop and relax


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