Kundalini Yoga

KyogaKundalini Yoga is a technology thousands of years old that enables each person to tap into his or her own potential to grow, to learn and to develop the inner strength to face life’s challenges.

Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a sacred technology for happiness. When practicing, your inner power is awakened to unite with the Universal life force. This awakened state gives you the capacity to expand your perspective and experience each day with increasing inspiration and joy.

This sacred yogic discipline promotes physical health, stimulates the potential of the mind, and touches one’s innermost being. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is recognized as one of the major systems of yoga instruction.

Yoga Santa Fe Mission Statement:

Practice to Neutralize Constraints,
Breathe and Awaken to Possibilities,
Meditate to Manifest Consistent Expansion,
with the support of a Conscious Community

Sat Nam

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Meditating on our Moon Center

From the closed eyes, look at your chin. This is also called the “Moon Center”. If you can conduct your eyes, totally rolled and totally angled at the chin, you will find the personality lobe,read more>>

Gunpati Kriya

    To make the impossible,  possible

Want better sleep?

Pranayam for Great Strength, Improved Health April 13, 1978 (YB9) – World Symposium Mudra: Sit with the spine straight. Hands are at the heart center in prayer pose. Breath: * Inhale deeply through a roundedread more>>

Need more energy? Breathe…

Need More Energy? Breathe… PITUITARY TUNE UP 8 Stroke Break During the day, take a pranayam break: An 8 Stroke Breath will invoke the Pituitary Gland, the Master Gland. It will put the pituitary inread more>>

Sitalee Pranayam – Anxiety buster

SITALEE PRANAYAM “U” Tongue Breath * Sit meditatively with a straight spine. It is important that the spine remains straight. Close your eyes. * With a slightly rounded mouth, roll the tongue in a “U”read more>>

Meditation to open to intuition

LA936 980609 FOUR STROKE BREATH MEDITATION MUDRA: Place your hands together in Prayer Mudra. Keep the Jupiter (index) fingers extended as you interlock the other fingers to clasp your two hands together. Cross the thumbs.read more>>

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Introduction to Kundalini Yoga

What is Kundalini Yoga? Kundalini Yoga can produce immediate results as you travel on your path to consciousness. It balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, expands the lung capacity, and purifies the bloodstream.read more>>


Meditation on the Breath For Healing & To Break Depression (As taught by Yogi Bhajan ) Basic Position: Sit in any relaxed position with a straight spine. Relax the hands in your lap, palms face up, left under,read more>>

The 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age

“In this time Piscean values are giving way to Aquarian values. The difference between the two is very simple. Piscean values work from the ego, creating boundaries. Aquarian values have no boundaries; they are Infinite.read more>>

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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: What is Yoga?

A Lecture by Yogi Bhajan, The Aquarian Teacher Level 1 Teacher Training Manual I have found that people lack a basic understanding about the goals, process, and techniques of Kundalini Yoga. They do not understand theread more>>

Into the Gong: Where Sound Heals All

Love the gong? Want more, now? Check out this opportunity of a lifetime. DAYLONG GONG INTENSIVE WITH INTERNATIONAL GONG MASTER DON CONREAUX HITS YOGA SANTA FE TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 9 am – 7 pm, $108.read more>>

2014-2015 TT level 1
Invitation to Teacher Training

Kundalini Yoga Advanced Study Program  at Yoga Santa Fe a Purest Potential business   Unconceal your Potential as we explore the teachings of Kundalini Yoga in this Advanced Study Program. The premise is that theread more>>

Full Moon
FULL MOON = Expansion

FULL MOON MEDITATIONS AT YOGA SANTA FE The moon affects water, and therefore also the quality of the mind.  It is a time when police officers, mental health providers and teachers are usually way busyread more>>

April Specials

Here are some awesome deals to support your vitality and renewal for the month of April.  Offers expire April 30, 2014. Coupons available at GRD Health Clinic/Yoga Santa Fe. Join CHUSA (ChiropracticHealthUSA) as a new patientread more>>

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The Square Dance for Great Transformation

Join Kirn and Guruchander on Monday, April 21st from 6-8pm for a Kundalini Yoga and Mediation Class that will help harness the energies of this very transformational time in our inner and outer lives!

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Miracle Mantra Sadhana

“I do not believe in miracles, I rely on them” Yogi Bhajan On the 3rd Sunday of every month we meditate on the Miracle Mantra for 2.5 hours. 5am – 7:30pm We chant the followingread more>>

Full Moon Yoga – March 16th
Full Moon Yoga – March 16th

We are excited to offer this class on a Sunday NIGHT – 6-7:30pm. Start your week off with a feeling of peace and calm inside. Tune into your deep well of truth with empowering yogaread more>>

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Manifest Your Purest Potential – Amarillo, TX Workshop
Sacred Circle
Women’s Empowerment Circle

Sunday,  March 9, 2014 2:00 – 4:30pm REGISTER NOW In celebration of International Women’s Day, come together in a powerful gathering of wise women. Sisters sharing an afternoon to experience the depth, vision, and limitlessnessread more>>

2014 Level Two Teacher Training : Lifestyles & Lifecycles
2014 Level Two Teacher Training : Lifestyles & Lifecycles

Course dates for the fall of 2014: October 3, 4, 5 Oct 31, Nov. 1, 2 All days 9am to 5pm REGISTER NOW How did I get here and where am I going? Discover the answer toread more>>

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2014 Level One Teacher Training

The Aquarian Teacher program is the KRI Level One Certification program in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan In this 220 hour program you will: Develop the skills to become a certified Kundalini yoga instructor Experience theread more>>